Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Poetic Justice

Survivor is heating up, and it's not just the jungle climate. People are getting mean, and that's exactly what makes this show work.

First, Coach is finally making friends. Especially with "Lil Hantz", Brandon. After confessing that he is, in fact, Russell Hantz's nephew, Brandon went around trying to get everyone to vote Mikayla off the island. You know, because she's a temptation for Brandon. Who's married. And Christian. And apparently has no self control. Let me vent here. Why in the world would Brandon, who's as dumb as a box of rocks, admit that the only reason he wants this girl off the show is that she's pretty and shows off too much of her body? I can just see Russell disowning this kid as we speak. Why would you do that?! Ugh, this kid is so annoying. First of all, he should have LEAD with the fact that he's Russell's nephew and said that he's nothing like him and that he wants to play a different game, get the tribe's sympathy, then he could have done all the sneaky stuff he wanted. He could have played it to his advantage, but sadly, he's just too stupid. Can't wait for him to get voted off.

Semhar, Miss Push Up Bra, prepared for her duel at Redemption Island by reciting a poem about "my honey, my boo" and how she would have 11 kids with this guy. Um, then why don't you go home and do that? This game is not the place for an "arteest" like Semhar. So pretentious, so full of herself. I'm gagging, and not in a good way. This girl is nuts. She loses her duel, and finally leaves the show for good. Halleloo!!

Cochran almost gets booted off again, and I cannot believe he hasn't pulled a classic Survivor blindside against Ozzy. That should have been his first order of business. Ozzy does have the hidden immunity idol, but a power play by Cochran will earn him the respect he so desperately needs from his tribe. Go, Cochran! I'm rooting for you!

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