Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beverly Hills, Darling, Shi Shi Shi Shi SHI!

How much do I love Kevin Lee? From the modified short mullet, to the powdered face, to the cherry lips, to the aviators. I'm in. All in.

But we'll get back to Kevin in a minute. Let's talk about the climax of the game night fight. Brandi makes the mistake of accusing Kim of doing crystal meth in the bathroom. Um, that's pretty specific. Is it me, or does Brandi know A LOT about drug use? Just saying.

The Richards sisters become the Pointer sisters and go off on Brandi, screaming at her and pointing their beautifully manicured fingers in her face. Things almost go cray-cray, until Taylor the talking skeleton breaks it up with an emphatic, "There will be no touching!", but Kim gets some good zingers in there anyway (slut pig, for example). After that, the party is finally put out of its misery, but not before Dana makes a complete ass out of herself once again. In head to toe VALENTINOOOO, she tells Kyle she's on her and Kim's side and they should take a vacation together. Slow down, stalker. These girls just met you. You might wanna put the kibash on the crazy talk for now.

Brandi and Taylor meet up to talk about the game night fight and I thought it was hilarious that Brandi ordered a sensible, delicious sounding lunch while Taylor ordered a coffee. Interesting.

Adrienne, Lisa, and Kyle get together as well, and their conversation was a lot more entertaining. I loved the whole "Winston Churchill" portion. Where the hell did Brandi pull that out from? That's a question for the reunion. Lisa is hilarious about the whole thing, and I'm glad she wasn't there. That was no place for a lady of her caliber. Sue me for being a Lisa fan! Kyle could have been more accurate with her account of the night, but she got the important parts in.

Speaking of Kyle, she takes a trip to the infamous "god damn house" in Palm Desert with Kim and their kids. We finally get the backstory. The Richards' mom left the house to Kyle, Kim, and another sister. Kyle bought the other two out. When Kim wanted to buy back in, Kyle said no. Now, I'm sure everyone had their reasons for buying/selling. However, if you sell, isn't that it? Why would you expect to be able to buy back in at your convenience? Maybe this is why family shouldn't do business with each other. And I'm curious as to why Kyle wanted to buy her sisters out in the first place? Another question for the reunion.

Camille is preparing for her charity luncheon for the John Wayne Cancer Institute, which is pretty amazing. I'm actually proud of Camille this season. She seems to have a sense of humor about herself, and everyone else for that matter. I love how she needs everyone's approval on her sunglasses for an event that takes place indoors. Her mother is honored at the luncheon as an ovarian cancer survivor, and I'm really touched by her story. My grandmother passed away from lung cancer in 1997, and I wish she could have beaten it. After the shocking news of Giuliana Rancic having breast cancer, we all need to be vigilant and get our screenings regularly. My thoughts are with Giuliana - kick cancer's ass!!

I felt Camille did a great job even though she was clearly nervous. Public speaking is scary for everyone. Don't let anyone tell you it's not. But I thought she was charming and sweet up there. The rest of the ladies were about as friendly to each other as you'd expect. It was Team Kyle vs. Team Brandi all over again. Except Kim wasn't there to call Brandi a slut pig. The event ended without much incident, except for some juicy gossip and dirty looks. Oh and Dana offending animal lovers everywhere - sorry! Haha!

Lisa and her lovely daughter Pandora meet with my new boyfriend, Kevin Lee, to talk about the wedding of the century. Will and Kate who?? Kevin wants this wedding to be a grand affair, which, come on, Lisa, what did you expect? He's a wedding planner, and the bigger the better, right? All of his ideas fall on deaf ears, as Lisa and Pandora want a small, tasteful wedding at the mansion. Kevin is clearly crushed. I love that he - of all people - doesn't love the idea of pink diamonds on a wedding dress. What?! Um, that sounds amazing! Pandora better get her pink diamonds, that's all I'm saying. But the moment that made the episode for me was, of course, Kevin trying desperately to make his case by saying, "Beverly Hills, darling, shi shi shi shi SHI!" I love him.

I love Adrienne, too. She is another one of my absolute favorites on this show. She's fabulous. For example, she goes on a walk with Kim and sincerely asks why she didn't go to the charity event. I love how she actually cares about these ladies. Kim says she was packing for her upcoming move, but quickly adds that she wouldn't have cared if Brandi was there or not. Come on, Kim, you care. We all care. Adrienne is a calming influence, which Kim clearly needs from time to time.

Next week, the girls go have a spa day and in hobbles Brandi. When is her ankle gonna heal already? If you need any info on this episode, check it out here.

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