Thursday, October 6, 2011

All That Glitters

Forgive me for being late with this - but this last episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was not my favorite of the season so far. There were some highlights, though. Let's discuss ...

First, the alleged $25,000 sunglasses. Really, Dana? Here's a hint, sweetie. If you have to tell people how much something costs, that's never a good sign. Even I know that, and I'm poor. Dana seems to be trying really hard to fit in with the crowd and she figures the best way to do it is to lead with the money. I'm guessing it usually works, but in front of a camera on a reality show, it just comes off as tacky. And your "wedding" dress. Oy. Honestly it wasn't that terrible of a dress. I just wish you had a bra-er on (still funny, thanks, Jill Zarin!). And the baby head shots by the door. This lady just reeks of desperation. Finally, someone who's even more attention-whore-ish than Taylor! That was mean, I'm sorry.

Speaking of Taylor, I still can't get on her side. She is so full of it, it's not even funny. I love that she actually thinks Lisa gave the story about her marriage to the press. How absolutely laughable. Lisa has much better things to do than worry about Taylor's life. And I don't see why Kyle is so adamant about defending Taylor. She's a big girl, let her be! Kyle confronts Lisa about telling Taylor she's not her best friend, but she's there for her if she needs anything, as if that's so terrible. Now, I like when people are up front with me. I would respect someone saying "Hey, I know we're not the best of friends, but I'm here for you anyway." If someone told me that, I'd be like, "Wow, thanks - that's really mature of you." Maybe that's the problem. We're talking about Taylor - not exactly the best example of maturity.

So, what's gotten into Kyle this season? Seriously, I'm wondering about her mean-girl tendencies in every episode so far. Don't get me wrong, I love Kyle still. But I think Taylor is having a not-so-great influence on Kyle. To the point where Kyle is automatically taking Taylor's side no matter what. Now, we all know Taylor is going through her issues and definitely needs a friend. But she also needs reality checks - a lot of them - and Kyle seems to be "yes"-ing her too much, not necessarily the best thing for their friendship.

I thought Lisa's CNN piece about the Royal Wedding was fun. She got a great opportunity and went for it. I have no problem with that. I think some of the other ladies (cough, Taylor, cough) were just jealous. Believe me, Taylor, if anyone thought you had expertise in anything other than eating cotton candy, your phone would be ringing off the hook. Plonk!

Brandi is a mess. Her kid's peeing in the yard, she's throwing the "c" word around, someone please help this girl. Now, I love a bawdy, sassy, lady just as much as anyone else. But there's something about Brandi that I don't like. Maybe it's her Pinocchio nose. I swear that thing grows a little with each episode. I think it's terrible what Eddie Cibrian did to her, but this Brandi is no angel. And she's a lotta crazy. So obviously, she's perfect for this show. I'd keep her on the Housewives just to see her make the other ones gasp and clutch their pearls for another season or two.

The season better start heating up soon, and I mean big confrontations. Next week may fit the bill.

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