Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moves Like Carson

I'm so bummed! My Carson was booted from Dancing With The Stars! I was super bummed, he was one of the most entertaining people on this show. However, I do get why it happened. And I think he knew it was coming. He was really gracious about it. Such a class act. Love him.

It was 80s week, and it was at best, lackluster. I had a couple favorite performances: J.R. Martinez and David Arquette. J.R.'s samba was awesome, but we all knew it would be. No real surprise there. And David's tango was really exciting.

Oh and Chaz did alright. No Cher in the audience. But he did a pretty good job with the samba. I just love Lacey Schwimmer, she has to be the most fun to dance with.

I'm so over Maks and the soccer player. They just bug me.

Anyway, what did you think about this episode? Will you miss Carson? Tweet me!