Friday, January 25, 2013

RHOA - You Damn Lyin' - Kandi Burruss

Happy Friday and thanks again for starting your weekend with my judgmental ass! Now, my ass has a say in this blog (when does it not?), because this week on RHOA we had the battle of the booties. Yes, this argument was on broadcast television nationwide. Thank you, Bravo. The question remains: would you rather have a donkey booty or a stallion booty? Here's my take on it. Donkey booty is Phaedra's thing - she made it into her trademark of sorts. She's been talking about her donkey booty since she arrived on RHOA and it's a running joke that's garnered a lot of attention and love from the viewers. She owns that. Kenya, on the other hand, is still brand new here. We don't know her. We really don't know her because she's made it so difficult to like her with all of her extra behavior. So, we're not exactly ready for her to come at us with any sort of product, to be perfectly honest. Plus, the name Stallion Booty or Stallion Work Out, whatever it is, is a direct attack on Phaedra's original product. Why on Earth would Kenya come for Phaedra with that name? More on this later, but if I had to choose, I'd have to go with the original, the Donkey Booty, because I appreciate originality and taking something that belongs to you and capitalizing on it. The word stallion never came out of Kenya until this week's show. Just saying. Enough about that. Let's start the weekend and give these girls their grades for the week.

Cynthia: I LOVED the scene where you were rehearsing with the kids for the fashion show!!! That was such a great scene and all those kids were awesome. Not many people know this, but I was in a fashion show when I was little - probably like 7 or 8 - and it was so much fun. Alas, that's where my modeling career began and ended, but enough about me. The fashion show was a complete success, which is a great reflection on your business, so I'm super happy for you. When you and Phaedra were talking in spell-talk I was cracking up, you two are way too good at that! Hilarious! Cynthia's grade for the week: A (I'm so proud of her modeling agency's success!).

Kenya: I understand you couldn't just let a juicy distribution deal go to waste, but seriously, you came for Ms. Parks with your Stallion work out video. Let's be all the way real, you wanted to take her idea and top it. Which didn't necessarily need to be a bad thing, but you turned it into a bad thing with your approach, your attitude, and your whole demeanor. Once again, your negativity ruined any good you could have accomplished. Why not call it the Miss USA Work Out? Something that has to do with YOU??? But like I said before, you did it to spite Phaedra and you will learn that the majority of the viewers do not like that sort of behavior. Really, spite doesn't get you far with us. Kenya's grade for the week: F (despite the fact that she clearly had a good distribution deal, she did not have to go after Phaedra so hard, it was ugly).

Phaedra: I like the way you handled yourself, and more than anything, how you reacted on the phone with Kandi! That was hilarious! That's the Phaedra I want to see/hear all the time!!! I think I'm more on your side now because you made it clear that you're not going down without a fight and you will take Miss Kenya to task for trying to bite your idea. I like that. Phaedra's grade this week: A (she is sassy and I love it!).

Kandi: I was going to tell you that calling Phaedra right after Derek J told you about Kenya's video was kinda childish, but you explained on Watch What Happens Live that you felt like you owed it to her to give her the scoop, since you're closer to her than you are to Kenya. Fair enough. Your scene with Kenya was hilarious, because you kept trying to explain to Kenya where she was wrong and she just kept missing the point over and over again. Talk about exhausting. I just want you to put her in her place one good time! Kandi's grade for the week: B (once she explained why she called Phaedra right away, it made a lot more sense to me).

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