Friday, January 18, 2013

RHOA - "Ladies, Gentlemen, Girls, and Queens" - Kenya Moore

Happy Friday! As most of you know, I will be posting ALL blogs (about all shows) on Fridays from now on. So, just think of it as your weekly recap of all things ridiculous and reality show related. If there are any show you want me to watch/blog about, please let me know!

So, this week's RHOA centered around, what else, the donkey booty workout dvd. I love that Phaedra keeps calling it a "tape". That's a throwback and it makes me laugh. Anyway, I would just give my take on the Kenya vs. Phaedra mess, but of course I have to give my two cents on some of the other ladies who were featured in this episode. Reminder time, if your favorite gal is not in the blog this week, it just means she didn't make an impression on me.

By the way, is it just me or does every single episode start with Nene? I think Bravo is making sure she stays on for another season!

Nene: I love the Hollywood storyline and especially the behind the scenes look at what it's like to work on a sitcom. I've been very vocal all season about how much I like you on the show this season and that has not changed. I do think it's a wise decision to delegate some things to Gregg, but he's right, you've got to let go of the control so he can prove to you that he can actually take care of things. I learned that from the movie Date Night. Nene's grade for the week: A (keep working hard and PS I LOVED your Golden Globe outfit, courtesy of Carolina Herrera).

Kenya: Besides the whole Walter is gay thing, which I have no idea whether to believe or not, I really like your cousin!!! She needs to be on the show! I need to get to know her better. Anyway, let's just jump into the Phaedra/Donkey Booty debacle. First of all, we get it! You secured a distribution deal! No need to keep repeating yourself. Having said that, I agree with you. You deserve some compensation for securing that deal. However, did you really do all that work without securing a contract for yourself first? I'm just not sure why you would jump into all this work for a "friend" and not cover your ass before doing so. Seems a little naive to me. Especially because you claim to be such a business savvy professional. I'm just saying. Secure your check first before you go doing anyone any favors. But I'm sure you've learned that lesson by now. I have to clock you for approaching Todd about this bullshit at his birthday party. No, no, no. Kandi was right to shut that conversation down asap. You shouldn't have even bothered with that at that moment. You should have told Phaedra, "Ok, work with Todd. I'll cancel this distribution deal and we'll forget this ever happened." But no, you had to make another scene at the Bailey Agency (by the way, I am LOVING that you and Cynthia are good girlfriends now) and tell Phaedra that this made you sick and you're out. I think what's exhausting about you is that you are just a DRAMA QUEEN. Everything has to be a huge production with you! Hun, it's not that serious. You could have dealt with all this in a much more mature manner, because frankly in this episode, you were whiney as hell. And what sucks is, you were actually right! But your attitude made me forget that! I must give you credit for your exit from the Bailey Agency, which gave me the perfect title for this week's blog, so thank you. Kenya's grade for the week: C (you were right about the distribution deal - now you got me repeating it - but you really needed to let it go and stop talking about it).

Phaedra: Here's the issue. You think you're doing Kenya a favor, and she thinks she's doing you a favor. Take a page from my book: "THERE ARE NO FAVORS!" You are absolutely right about not asking for a fee to connect one person to the other, and I agree, you did not actually partner with Kenya in any way, shape, or form. But, you did accept her help and you did tell her that money was no object. So, WHY would you freak out over her budget? You should have told her that since no contract had been signed, you wanted to shop around, and that her distribution deal could still be on the table if she wanted to wait and see what other offers you got. The whole thing was just handled completely wrong from what we saw on the show. Furthermore, if you were going to talk to Todd and get a bid from him, you should have made it crystal clear to Kenya from the beginning that you were entertaining other offers. Or was that implied? It's so hard to tell on the show what other conversation have taken place before the drama. I actually respect the fact that you want to negotiate, but you needed to clue Kenya in because she actually thought she was the only game in town. You were absolutely right when you said you had defended Kenya in the past and that's why it's so odd to me that you wouldn't let her know that she wasn't your only choice. Phaedra's grade for the week: C (I feel the Kenya thing was mishandled and there was a lot of miscommunication because you said money was no object in last week's episode).

Kandi: I mentioned Riley this week, so I feel compelled to compliment you on letting her know how LUCKY she is and how out of touch she is with how most kids live. I think it would be good for her to do some charity work with underprivileged kids, homeless kids, etc so she can have that appreciation for everything she has. At any rate, I thought you put her in her place and I had to give you credit for that. Todd's birthday surprises were great, and I could tell he really appreciated all of the sweet things you did for him. And that dress! Those shoes! The hair!! You looked amazing!! I'm so happy you found your teammate, we're all so happy for you. Now, let me just give you a digital high five and YES GAWD! for shutting Kenya down when she wanted to talk about the Donkey Booty bullshit. I was LIVING for you telling her to basically get lost and get her life and have several seats all at the same time. YAAAASSSSS!!!!!! Kandi's grade for the week: A (you were giving me LIFE this week!)

Cynthia: Kudos to you for cancelling the casting call and putting Phaedra in her place for advertising something she didn't pay for. LOL! I just had to give you a shout out for that. I also respect the fact that you can be cool with Kenya and actually be impartial about the whole Donkey Booty situation. Cynthia gets an Honorable Mention instead of a grade this week!

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