Friday, January 11, 2013

Vanderpump Rules - Persona Non Grata AKA Stassi

I just finished watching Vanderpump Rules, and my ruling is ... this show is not for me. I think it's definitely aimed at a younger crowd - ugh, let me pick myself up off the floor now, I'm officially old - but seriously, this is for the 18-24 year olds who can't relate to the drama on Housewives. Am I wrong?

Let's just call out the elephant in the room - Stassi. Super unlikable, super annoying. I can't really feel anything but irritated watching her boss everyone around or listen to her proclaim that she's descendant from royalty. Yeah, bitch, we all are. Get over yourself.

Scheanna, I can somewhat tolerate, just because she doesn't treat anyone like shit on this show. I also want to commend her for standing up to Stassi, because she's taken a lot of abuse from her. And this is only the first episode. I'm not so keen on her pop star hobby because some of us who actually can sing and want to sing (ahem ahem) would love for someone to hand us (cough cough) a chance at a music career on a silver platter, but of course, that doesn't happen for me ... I mean "us". Anyway, Scheanna seems like a good person and I'm sure she'll have more run-ins with the Stassinator. I just won't be watching.

Katie and Kristin are actually really likable and seem really cool. I'll miss them.

The men are all hot and I appreciate that. But the eye candy isn't enough to make me endure Stassi. Sorry 'bout it. But, sidenote, Jax - honey, run for your life.

Lisa's role on the show is great, and if she were on it more, I'd probably be all in. But I understand what's going on. It's the sidepiece to Housewives and the stars are the ensemble of hotties working at Sur. By the way, the show should have been called Sur. Because that's how I think of it and remember it, it's the show about Sur. Just saying.

I think this show is very reminiscent of the old Real World, which I loved when I was younger, so that'll definitely resonate with the "kids". Mama feels like an extremely old broad at this point and needs a Vodka-Metamucil.

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