Friday, January 25, 2013

Shahs of Sunset - Sorry, Not Sorry - Mercedes Javid

Happy Friday, my friends! I'm so excited to do these blogs that by Friday, I'm like bursting with energy, so I hope that comes through in today's posts. Let's talk about Shahs of Sunset - I loved this episode. Everyone was getting along for the most part and we got a lot of quality family time, which is always great. I forgot to mention Omid's hair feathers last week, but thank the fad gods, there they were again this week! Is this a thing for guys? I didn't think so. GG, fix that, please. Anyway, the episode was a lot of fun so let's judge these reality stars!

GG: Thanks to Twitter, we know you and Omid have slowed down and you're not marching down the aisle any time soon. I have to wonder if his player ways haven't subsided? I liked the scene with you and MJ because you two were able to listen to each other and air your grievances without getting crazy. Which is awesome. I agree with you, it is annoying for someone to uninvite you to a trip and then bug you about how bad the trip is going. I hope you ignored her texts! At least for a few hours! Honestly, you were right to not want to hear about anything that happened on the trip at all. Now, you know I'm gonna flip out on you next week for waving that knife around (watch the preview here), but don't worry, this week's grade won't reflect that. GG's grade for the week: A (for actually COMMUNICATING!!!).

MJ: It's hard to watch these episodes with you and Reza getting along because we know things are not ok in real life right now. When you were on Watch What Happens Live, you spilled all the tea and let us know - especially on the Aftershow - that you feel wronged by Reza and his crew. And I honestly don't blame you. So, forgive me if I can't separate what's on the episode from what's happening now. With that being said, you were an awesome friend to Reza on this episode and it made me wish that you two would work out your issues and make up for good already. You were hilarious in the go kart race, by the way! As for your conversation with GG, you were wrong to blow up her phone about the trip and Asa and all of the Cabo stuff because it was insult enough to uninvite her in the first place. You just added insult to injury, so to speak, when you decided to give her the play by play of a vacation that she was so unceremoniously excluded from. However, you stated your case to GG and communicated with her - which, in my book, counts for a lot. MJ's grade for the week: B (she was a good friend this week and had an honest exchange with GG).

Mike: Congratulations on your girlfriend meeting your family, it went well! That's awesome! I have to ask, what's the deal with the teeth whitening? Isn't that dangerous? Anyway, you were very good with Reza's family and it looks like you got along with everyone in New York. No surprise there. Mike's grade for the week: B (I like Mike, but damn, those teeth are white enough!).

Reza: I'm so glad everything went well with your family and especially with your grandmother. There seems to be so much secrecy going on, so that definitely doesn't help you to make peace with all these things that happened when you were younger. I love that you forgave your dad and also, your grandmother, because you're absolutely right. You can't hold on to that stuff. You weren't there for all the problems between your grandparents, and no one is going to reveal what happened, so you just have to leave all of it in the past and trust that the love you have for your family is enough to move things forward from now on. You were on good terms with MJ this week on the show, but like I told MJ, it sucks that we know you two are on the outs again. You guys really need to work this out. Reza's grade for the week: A (the family stuff really spoke to me).

Asa: Ok, I hate saying this, but ... I'm a little tired of this whole diamond water thing. I'm not saying it's not a good idea, because it is. But you really just go overboard with this whole energy thing. I'm pretty sure the diamond was beautiful but you tried it when you said it was vibrating and giving you energy. Come on, gurl. Then, you had this whole ceremony thing in the warehouse ... I was just over it. I like you and respect you but that just got on my nerves. Having said that, if you like it I love it, do your thing. It's just not for me. And ... I have to point out that your Harlem comment was a little inappropriate. Just saying. Asa's grade for the week: D (I am over the diamond water at this point, sorry).

Lilly: Oh my God. You are the blind date from hell. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Lilly's grade for the week: FAIL (that date was terrible! Come on!)

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