Thursday, January 10, 2013

RHOM Lost Footage - Pocketbooks and Coffee, Courtesy of Mama Elsa

The Lost Footage episode of RHOM was almost like a complete episode from this season. There weren't nearly enough scenes from the reunion - and no manila folder, dammit! So I'll just give my thoughts about each scene we did get.

1. Animal Shelter - really great cause and I was happy to see Joanna, Marta, and Lisa helping out the puppies and dogs. Nice!

2. Karent reveals she's 39 (Rodolfo is 40, see? She's not older than him!) and talks about her charity. We see an event where she does free dentistry for children and it was a cute scene overall. By the way, Karent clarified she has a publicist because she was an actor before becoming a dentist and she uses the PR for her charity as well. Point for Karent.

3. Adriana's movie debut - I'm not one for gory horror movies but I'm happy for Adriana for getting the part and taking it so seriously. And kudos to her for getting her kid a role, too! We get to see Joanna allege that the producer approached her and ask her if she wanted to work with him. We're all sick of this beef between Joanna and Adriana, so that bit wasn't needed at all. Then, we see Adriana's rehearsals and run throughs with the fake blood. Again, not my style, but good for her.

4. Lea and Frieda - I really like their bond, even though Frieda pretends she can't hear Lea, which is actually really funny.

5. Andy asks the ladies how they tan - I mean, did we really waste film on this question?

6. Lea says she's moving the penis pool to Lisa's house. JUST KIDDING!!!

7. Lisa hires models for her lingerie party, yawn.

8. Adriana tells her son about the bees and the birds and it is probably the funniest mother/child conversation I've ever heard.

9. Napoleon the dog is doing just fine, thank you very much!

10. Elsa can't predict if Joanna and Adriana will make up, but it's very clear whose side she's on. Hint: Not Joanna or her machete. Andy then asks Elsa what makes her crystals and sand mixture work and Elsa is quick to remind him that she can't reveal that! Of course not, Dandy! Mind ya business!

11. Adriana shoots the movie that I'm already sick of hearing about.

12. Karent gets her portrait done by a famous artist and don't judge me I didn't catch his name. Was it the same one from the "She Beat Me to the Tweet!" episode?

13. Havana Elsa Coffee is here and it is awesome! That was the funniest segment of all, just Elsa, the driver, her coffee, and lots of unsuspecting Miami-ans. So cool. We got a little piece of the reunion re: Elsa hitting people with her pocketbook, which just sounds so funny coming out of her mouth because it's so ridiculous. We go back on the road with Havana Elsa Coffee and I want some right now. Marysol is hilarious as well, cracking jokes about the truck and making sure she's in place as the Havana Elsa heiress. Too cute! And at the cheetah print top lunch, Elsa does serious business, and I couldn't be more proud.

Thank you, Ladies of Miami, for giving us a great season!