Friday, January 4, 2013

RHOA - Spoiled Plotlines

I know, I know, I'm late with this blog. But in all honesty, this episode was nothing to write home about. So, this blog is going to be short and not so sweet. Come on, Bravo, we understand where you're going with all of these plotlines. Never mind the fact that Phaedra and Apollo announced they're expecting another baby this week - CONGRATULATIONS, by the way! - we know they're not breaking up. And the Kenya/Walter storyline is officially ruined. You should have re-edited the whole rest of the season after Walter spilled the beans. There's no suspense left in this show! Everything has been revealed and put out there, pretty much. However, we did get some laughs, which I'm thankful for. So, I'll just be addressing the key players in this episode. Sorry if your fave doesn't get a grade this week.

Kenya: I have to give you credit where credit is due. You knew your stuff when you met with Phaedra and Apollo about the workout dvd. However, how dare you call Phaedra unprofessional! How professional is it to ask a married couple, IN THEIR PLACE OF BUSINESS, if they like to role play? Sit down, hun. I have to talk about how you shut Porsha down at the Moscato party. First of all, you should be able to speak to someone in a calm and polite manner and listen to what they're saying without being condescending and rude. You could have resolved things that very night, but instead you chose to shoot Porsha down and not even hear her out. Believe me, she didn't want to be your BFF, she just wanted to be able to be cool with you. But now, you can pretty much kick rocks. And I am sick and tired of all this Walter nonsense. Even if the relationship wasn't fake, this is just stupid. You should have picked a better actor, because the scenes with you and Walter are painful to watch. Kenya's grade for the week: D (the little bit of good I saw this week was completely overshadowed by the inappropriateness, the mean girl attitude, and the idiocy of her relationship with Walter).

Cynthia: You are going to get so much flack for saying your marriage will outlast some other marriages. I'm sure you meant it as a joke, but anytime you make a broad statement like that, people are going to be up in arms. I also wanted to address how bothered you were by Kordell at the Moscato party - you have to realize he was intoxicated and probably sick of hearing about Kenya, and maybe that's where the shushing and talking over Porsha was coming from. We'll have to watch and see if he's the same way when he's sober. About the strip club you picked, you know you did that on purpose! LOL! I could see that your intentions were to make sure everything was ok with Phaedra and her husband and although you had no problem talking about what you had heard, you didn't jump to conclusions and you wanted to meet with them and find out for yourself. Cynthia's grade this week: B (I like that she's speaking up and in the middle of everything this season, but some of her jokes may be offending some of her cast mates).

Phaedra: You were too funny at the strip club - shouting out your Alma Mater! I loved it! I think you handled the Apollo outbursts well, and we know he's not going anywhere. Whatever people said about your marriage, you and Apollo going strong and have another baby on the way. CONGRATULATIONS again!! I am really happy for you. And the dvd looks great! You definitely worked out whatever differences you and Apollo had regarding the workout and what the content of the dvd would be. I actually can't wait to try it. Speaking of the dvd, your conversation with Kenya was actually really positive. Even though you didn't have all the details ready for her, you still managed to have a pretty productive meeting. Like I mentioned before, you handled all of Apollo's comments about your marriage really well. He's still very young and has no filter when tequila is involved, apparently. As long as you know that and can reign him in when needed, I don't think you two will have any major blow ups. Just don't do the whole make-out-in-front-of-people-with-sound-effects thing ever again. Phaedra's grade for the week: C (took points away for all that nasty sloppy kissing in public, gross).

Porsha: Good for you for trying to clear the air with Kenya. Too bad she was too immature to make things right with you, but hey, you tried. About Kordell, unfortunately the camera caught him talking over you and shushing you, not a great look, but I think it was the shots, to be honest. Porsha's grade for the week: A (she tried with Kenya and that's more than I would have done, so good for her).

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