Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shahs of Sunset - Let the Girl Apologize

This week's Shahs of Sunset made me really sad, I don't like seeing this group fracture off into cliques. It's not cool and although I understand where everyone is coming from, it's not fun to watch. This week, the gang (minus GG) heads to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and even though GG is not there, a fight erupts between MJ and pretty much everyone else. Sammy was there to back MJ up, at least. The issues within this group of friends are getting deeper and deeper, and each one is getting more and more entrenched in their own point of view. The communication skills on display this week were atrocious.

Let's get into the grades and brace ourselves for next week's episode.

Asa: Ok, hun, I gotta call you out. You know I love you. But it was a weak move not going to speak to GG and MJ. You had no idea where the conversation would go, and you could have always gotten up and walked out if the situation got out of control. When GG attacked you at the pool party, you laughed it off, but now, you seem to use it as an excuse to blacklist her from every event you go to. I'm not saying to give her a free pass, but you could have let her apologize to you, and THEN kept your distance. I see what you're saying about consequences, but seriously, not being a part of MJ's birthday party really shook GG up. Now, let's move on to Cabo. I'm hoping you're the victim (one of many) of shitty Bravo editing (probably not), but tell me that scene where you were laughing while MJ was talking wasn't as bad in real life as it looked on TV. Because it looked really bad. You may not have thought it was a big deal to laugh MJ's speech off, but it was kinda rude. And then, when she starts to get pissy with you, you pull out the big guns and out her for being a pill popper. I really don't know what you were trying to accomplish with that accusation, but it only made matters worse. You were supposed to be the calm, rational one! Asa's grade for the week: D (didn't agree with her not showing up to talk to GG and the way she treated MJ at dinner was uncalled for and unnecessary).

GG: I give you a lot of credit for wanting to apologize to Asa and for going back to therapy. It shows you're growing and learning from your mistakes. When Mike told you over the phone that you were uninvited to Cabo, you were upset but you didn't freak out, and that spoke volumes to me. It means you CAN control yourself, and therefore, sometimes you just don't want to. One of those times being when you attacked Asa. You were absolutely right when you said your friends should support you, not exclude you. At least not forever! Once or twice to prove a point, ok, but you wanted to apologize and Asa couldn't be bothered to even hear you out. Believe it or not, I'm with you on this one, and you know how hard I've been on you in the past. About the business meeting with your sister, you were once again more in control of yourself and didn't blow up at her when she made her rather nasty comments about you and the business. The problem is, you two don't agree on what your role is. If you're advertising and marketing, she should let you do that. She needs to back off and let you do this party and if she's so worried about it, she should work with you instead of against you. I was proud to see you preparing for the launch party and wish you well with it. I can't wait to see how it turns out. GG's grade for the week: B (she's trying to get better and no one is really giving her credit for that).

MJ: You were straight up with GG and told her like it was and that's why I feel you are a good friend to her at this point. You did not agree with Asa not showing up and you told her so. You did not agree with uninviting GG to Cabo and you made your opinion known. Some might say you shouldn't have gone to Cabo to show GG some solidarity, but hey, that was your choice to make. You immediately objected to having Lilly on the trip, but as usual, you were overruled. I totally agreed with you when you asked who made Asa and Reza the bosses of this group! What the hell? I don't see Lilly quite the same way you do, but not everyone has to like each other. It's not the end of the world as long as you're able to be civil and not cause problems. Speaking of Lilly, I do think her gifts were sincere. That white bathing suit didn't do you any favors at the pool party and it still didn't in Cabo. Lilly told you to wear the other suit in a very kind way and she was VERY kind to you. She could have been MUCH cattier and she wasn't. So, don't be so suspicious of her. Those gifts were given from a positive place. Now, regarding dinner, I could see where you were going with the conversation and it went terribly wrong because that group was not about to listen to your therapy breakthroughs. Just like you were annoyed with Lilly for not drinking on the trip, the rest of the group was annoyed with your chosen topic of conversation because it was ... for lack of a better term, killing their buzz. Now, when you started mocking Asa and her pop priestess persona, she fired back harder than you anticipated. You lashed out and cussed her out. It wasn't even about whether or not you said those things about Lilly anymore. PS - we all know now that you have talked shit about her. So, although I reprimanded Asa for bringing up the pill thing, you went after her first and she retaliated. It was harsh and we don't know if it's true or not, but you really went off on her and I didn't like that it went to such a bad place so fast. MJ's grade for the week: C (she was great with GG but the fight with Asa escalated way too quickly and got way too ugly).

Reza: I'm so disappointed in the way things have gone down on this episode. You and Asa have become like the Mean Girls in the sense that you feel you can pull rank and force people to do what you want no matter what. That's just not cool with me. It was so sad to hear you make Mike choose between you and GG, because you knew that wasn't a fair choice. Of course, Mike's going to choose you, and you win and GG loses. Not only that, but then, you have to order Mike to call GG and "do it", "uninvite her". I just don't understand why you couldn't have a conversation with GG and let her apologize and see how you felt after that. I have to address the "dark" comment about how you don't like your men dark. Look, you're attracted to what you're attracted to and that's no one's business but your own. Which is why you shouldn't make jokes like that when there's a camera in your face. Just saying. It was fun watching you have a good time with MJ and I really hope she doesn't mind you crowning her as the reigning expert on penises. At dinner, you did ask her to lighten up the conversation but when she wouldn't you joined in with the others and outed her for talking shit about Lilly. Yes, you were telling the truth, and yes, you have a point - MJ should address her issues with Lilly to Lilly's face - but you know MJ was not about to do that and especially not after being antagonized. Reza: D (I don't know why he's being so mean at certain times during this season, but I don't like it. I don't mind him being feisty, but the whole vibe I'm getting from him right now is very negative).

Mike: I so have an issue with you appeasing Reza and Asa. Again, if GG was allowed to apologize, things would have been different, but Asa didn't give her the opportunity. Why did you let Reza run over you like that? You could have said, "This is my trip and everyone is invited. Whoever wants to come can come." You should have totally taken yourself out of it at that point. If Reza and Asa weren't going to go, that's on them. In Cabo, you had a drunken blast but you clearly paid for it the next day. And I was dying laughing when you stared straight into Lilly's boobs. Hilarious! Another funny moment was you referencing the fact that MJ was lucky it wasn't warm when she saw your "business". LOL! Mike's grade for the week: C (I didn't agree with how he handled the whole Asa/Reza/GG thing, but he's hilarious and I can't stay mad at him).

Lilly: Gurl, I love you, but why on Earth would you go on a vacation with people that like to drink (you knew this going into it) when you aren't about that? Don't get me wrong, I totally respect you for not drinking and not needing to drink to have fun. I actually love that. And you're right, alcohol makes people do stupid things. Absolutely. But why would you put yourself in a place where that's all you're going to be surrounded by? Doesn't quite make sense, unless Reza ordered - I mean, asked - you to go. I feel like you were pretty miserable the whole time and uncomfortable to say the least. I loved that you gave the girls gifts, though. That was a really nice gesture and I think you were sincere about it. You were totally nice to MJ and didn't say anything mean to her when she was asking about her bathing suit. I mean, if you wanted to be mean to her at that moment she left the door wide open for you to do so, but you didn't. That says a lot. You toasted to MJ and encouraged her to open up to you even though you two have had your differences, and unfortunately, that's when other people got involved in the conversation and blew it up out of proportion. You did speak up and let MJ know that you realize that she just doesn't like you, but I didn't think you were being mean about it. You were just stating facts and letting her know it doesn't bother you. I did think it was funny when you said MJ told you she took an Ambien, I have to admit that. Lilly's grade for the week: C (she should have never went on this trip, but she tried to be cool with MJ and I give her credit for being honest at dinner).

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