Thursday, January 10, 2013

RHOA - Who Mistakes Kenya for Beyonce?

This week’s RHOA was another snooze-fest. Honestly, I don’t even think it warrants a blog, but I’m going to give you one anyway, just because I promised you I would. I don’t like to break my promises. But, Bravo, seriously, this show is getting BORING. I don’t want these girls at each other’s throats but damn. I want some excitement. Some laughs! A little drama at the very least! Let’s grade these ladies (who made an impression on me this week) and get on with our lives, shall we?

Kenya: Walter, Walter, Walter. That’s all you’re about and it’s also what’s killing you on this show. Yes, he was a dick to you on the fishing trip. So much so that I wanted you to hook that fishing line right in his eyeball. But I digress. I’m not sure if you’re loving that Walter is making you look like the victim right now, or if you’re just pissed because he’s not playing along with your engagement storyline. Either way, it’s old. Your Beyonce comment was hilarious and while I’m sure someone has told you that you resemble her (I want to meet this person and get them some glasses), I highly doubt that EVERY DAY there is someone mistaking you for her. Please. I also have to call you out for recycling Nene’s buzzing re: Bedroom Kandi. You really need someone to help you be original on this show. Kenya’s grade for the week: C (only because Walter made her look sympathetic – for now).

Kandi: I know I may get into trouble for saying this, but if I spoke on an adult’s relationship like Riley did in this episode when I was her age, I would have had my ass handed to me. Now, I know I grew up in a different time and kids are heard AND seen nowadays, but when I was a kid, I was NEVER heard (hence, why I’m in therapy). But seriously, Riley is clearly comfortable enough to express herself with you and Todd, and that’s great, but I would say, in the future, it should NOT happen on camera. Riley is a sweet girl and very smart but it just came across a little disrespectful for her to tell you about your relationship in such a blunt manner. Moving on, I totally agree with you about your choice to have a prenup, especially in your case. You are so smart for thinking ahead about that kind of stuff. I gotta shout out my girl Issae Rae (“Awkward Black Girl”) because when I saw your outfit at Nene’s party I instantly thought of her song “Booty Shawts”! Glittery ones, at that! It was so cool to see you be sincerely happy for Nene and Gregg. I liked that a lot. Kandi’s grade for the week: B (she’s still fun and positive and I really do appreciate that).

Nene: Congratulations on becoming a Glam-Mother! LOL, I love that expression. And your Glam-Baby is so adorable. I really loved that you said even though you’re going to Hollywood, you’re a Georgia Peach forever. Nene’s grade: A (she’s doing great and I love it).

Porsha: I gotta clear up one thing, Tina kept Ike’s last name. Ok, now that I got that out of my system, I love that you don’t look at price tags when you shop. I would love to be that way, but me and Kandi are on the same page – gotta look at the price tag. I don’t even mind your stance on prenups. In your situation, you and your husband came to an agreement that you didn’t need one, and that’s perfectly fine. And no one else’s business, by the way. Your facial expression when Kenya said she gets mistaken for Beyonce was PUH-RICELESS. And when you said you look like Solange, I was like Yeah! You do! But that was a great way to bring everyone back from Kenya’s wacky comment. Still loving you on the show! Porsha’s grade for the week: B (other than mixing up the What’s Love Got to Do With It reference, it was all good this week).

Cynthia: It was really nice of you to give Nene a goodbye party and I’m sure she appreciated it. I almost fell off the couch laughing when you asked her if she was going to have a Sip & See for the baby! LOL! You were full of quips this episode, which was great – for example, when you said Walter won’t put a ring on it with Kenya/Beyonce and then flashed YOUR ring. YAAASSSSS!!!!! And who knew Peter dated Nia Long back in the day? Speaking of Peter, it was hilarious when you two reenacted the Phaedra/Apollo makeout scene, funny but still gross. Cynthia’s grade for the week: A (she made me laugh, and you know what that means!).

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