Friday, January 25, 2013

Mob Wives - I'm Gonna Pop a CapUllary - Karen Gravano

Happy Friday!!! I am so happy to be blogging - this Friday thing is exactly what the Dr. ordered. I have time to ruminate and marinate on these shows and give you a more rounded out opinion, versus my snap judgment. I do want to address something I forgot last week: at the botox party, I need to point out that Renee was the one that assumed Carla didn't come to the party because she didn't want to see Love, which was total bullshit and then Renee told Love that fairytale. I just needed to get that out there. This week, we saw the ladies each dealing with men - Renee and Junior, Carla and her ex, Drita and Lee, Karen and Dave, Ramona and her boyfriend, Love and all the men she's tried to kill ... I actually really enjoyed this episode and all the drama that's unfolding. This may be my favorite season of Mob Wives yet. So let's hand out some grades, kids!

Karen: First of all, I have to say, I friggin' loved you on this episode. I got my life when you said "I'm gonna pop a capUllary" ... Oh my God ... that was hilarious. But seriously, the situation with your ex has got to change. There is no way that he's gonna stay in your house for free and have some girl leaving her undies in your daughter's room. There is so much wrong with that sentence it's mind boggling. I can't wait till next week to see you confront him. Also, you're smart to talk to a financial planner and try to figure out a way to make your money grow for you and your daughter. On another note, I wonder if your trips down memory lane while you're talking to every single person in the episode are necessary at this point. We truly do get it, you grew up in the "lifestyle". I still love you, though. Karen's grade for the week: B (all kidding aside, she is doing great this season).

Ramona: This is gonna surprise you, but I agreed with you 100% when you were talking to Karen and when you were talking to Renee. You gave them both great advice, and I loved it. As for your situation, you're doing the best you can, and I respect that. Ramona's grade for the week: A (I can't believe it, either!).

Drita: Seeing Lee again is going to be sooooo crazy for you, but I have a feeling you and the girls are going to get through it. And hopefully, Lee will not be going back to jail once he does get out. I think I do want you and Lee to try to be a family and I think you do too, for the girls and for yourself as well. You are still my favorite, by the way. I liked that you tried to sort things out between Love and Carla but damn, Love isn't playing around. You better tell Carla to keep it cute and smooth this out because it would be a shame for those two to go at it for something Renee made up/assumed. Drita's grade for the week: A (she is so fun and laid back this season, I'm loving it).

Renee: Congratulations, first and foremost, on deciding to go to rehab. That's a major step, and I'm super happy for you. I'm glad AJ finally came around and supported your decision, because at first, that conversation was not going well at all. Regarding Junior, whoever he's talking to knows your son. That's the only way he would know that you're having this issue with him about his dad. So, it's definitely a good thing you moved and hopefully, that's the last you'll hear from Junior. I wish he would just leave you alone so you can heal. The fact that he's the one that started over-medicating you to make sure you didn't realize what he was doing is just disgusting. I'm so sorry that happened to you, but you're already a lot stronger now. Maybe that's the lesson here. I do have to give you a little grief about the whole Love/Carla thing. You know you were wrong for that. As for burning all of the Junior memorabilia, I totally agree - get that toxic presence out of your life for good. And just know, we support you in your sobriety. Renee's grade for the week: C (she really has to stop creating issues between other people and focus on getting herself back together).

Love: The scene with your mom was so good! I loved it, and yes, you describing what a terror you were cracked me up. I can't help but be super curious about why you would try to kill all those men??? Do tell!!! Your scene with Drita scared me a little bit, only because you're going off of what Renee said - which is never a good idea - when you should really make sure Carla feels that way first. I mean, before you break her face, and all. Love's grade for the week: C (I think she's jumping the gun with this whole Carla thing, but other than that, she makes me laugh).

Carla: I can definitely see where you're coming from with the whole Joe/girlfriend thing. And it is kind of a slap in the face that he's created this little family atmosphere and you're not a part of it. However, I think part of the reason he's not including you is because your first reaction IS to hate his girlfriend and shit all over his relationship. And he knows that, so why tell you anything or let you in on anything, you know? Anyway, I think if you find a way to talk to his girlfriend and make an arrangement with her that you will be involved and respected, all of you can coexist and give the kids a good example. You know, adults working together and all that jazz. With Love, just let her know you didn't start any of this mess and you didn't go to the botox party for your own reasons - none of which have anything to do with her. Carla's grade for the week: B (she needs to sort things out with Joe and with Love and I hope she does so we can move on to other storylines).

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