Friday, January 4, 2013

Shahs of Sunset - Get on the Party Bus

This week's Shahs of Sunset was actually really positive and fun, which was a nice change of pace. We saw Reza and MJ make up, and I hope they're still on good terms. When Reza was on Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, he was not speaking too fondly of MJ. Let's hope they've reconciled by now. I don't know about you, but MJ and Reza fighting was just too painful to watch. We also saw MJ's fantastic birthday celebration. And who knew Reza and Asa were the official birthday song choir? Too funny! And I gotta shout out Mike showing his ass (literally) on the party bus!! Wowza!! But let's get into the grades before I ramble on anymore. And remember, I'm only grading the key players this week, so if your fave isn't here, sorry 'bout it!

GG: Ya gotta quit with the day drinking, sweetie. That scene when you were on the phone with MJ was brutal. I really hope you have slowed down with the drinking in general because it just makes you look completely nuts. I have a question, though. Were you pissed that Omid went to MJ's party? Or were you cool with it? GG's grade for the week: C (I can see why she was pissed that she was excluded from MJ's party but the drinking has got to stop).

MJ: I was really happy for you on this episode. You looked genuinely happy and you had fun at your party, as you should. I loved the idea of giving up the gifts and encouraging people to bring eligible bachelors. That's actually a great idea. And it could work for anyone who wants to meet new friends - bring cool people to mingle and talk and socialize with. I think you could start a trend! The best part of the episode, of course, was you and Reza finally hashing out your differences. You quickly apologized and took responsibility for fraternizing with GG after she said those things about Reza. I think you were being honest about your intentions and you were trying to deal with being in the middle. Unfortunately, it blew up in your face. But, like I said, you owned up to it and I respect that a lot. About your phone conversation with GG - by the way, how many times did she hang up on you? LOL - you could have invited her but you knew what would have happened because there was going to be alcohol involved, and we know what happens when GG and alcohol and Asa mix. So I can't fault you for that. I gotta say, the Lilly/welfare line comment was out of line, but only because Lilly is a career girl and has never been in anyone's welfare line that I can think of. But, she's just not your cup of tea. If I were you, I wouldn't even talk shit about her because it just makes you look like you're continuing the bad blood - same thing when she talks shit about you. It's unnecessary. Question: Are you still seeing George? MJ's grade for the week: A (she was happy this week, and that's how I like to see her).

Reza: Although you had some hesitations, you made up with MJ, and it was great to see you two reconnect. I think you were very sweet to MJ at her party - but the cougar comment may have rubbed some people the wrong way. I don't mind it, I actually thought it was funny, but hopefully it didn't offend MJ. The scene with your mom was super cute, she is so sweet. And I am still loving you and Mike as a dynamic duo! Reza's grade for the week: B (he was open and honest with MJ, but it wouldn't be Reza without the jokes and comments, which don't bother me, but may bother others).

Lilly: Your situation with your boyfriend is really heartbreaking. I mean, ten years is a considerable amount of time and you obviously love him. I am truly hoping he moves to LA and puts a ring on it, but we'll see! Lilly's grade for the week: A (I love this girl - what can I say?)

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