Friday, January 11, 2013

RHOBH - We're All Human

Hi, friends! I finally watched RHOBH and ... it was just ok for me. I don't know if I'm just growing out of it or if we're just in reality tv slump, but this episode wasn't super entertaining to me. I'm sure next week will have a lot more excitement, including a blow up between Ken and Mauricio. So, I will cool my proverbial jets until then. In the meantime, let's hand out some grades. Again, if your favorite lady didn't get a grade, she didn't make enough of an impression on me one way or another.

Lisa: I thought it was very nice of you to make sure Brandi was ok after leaving Kyle's dinner, and then you orchestrated the sit-down with Scheanna to a T. I think your role in this episode was pretty much to introduce us to Sur and your new show Vanderpump Rules, and you succeeded. Lisa's grade for the week: A (she was a good support system for Brandi in this episode).

Kyle: I appreciated the fact that you didn't necessarily take sides at your dinner between Faye and Brandi. You let Brandi leave but you showed her you were worried about her, and then you joined the rest of your guests. I will say, watch out for Faye. She wants the spotlight and she chose your dinner to show out and embarrass Brandi. Don't think she won't do it again. About Kim being at a cigar bar, you know, you can't really react to it. All you can do is ask her about it and hope that she's honest with you. You're still hurt about not being invited to Kim's son's birthday, which is understandable, but not surprising. We are talking about Kim here. I really liked the scene with you and Marisa doing yoga - you both were really funny together. Kyle's grade for the week: B (she handled the dinner party as best she could in spite of Faye).

Taylor: I know you got a lot of heat for this week's episode, but - you're gonna be shocked - I wasn't at all bothered by your behavior this week. You got upset about settling your lawsuit with some of your possessions, which I can sort of understand. My only issue is, if you're that hard up for money, meaning you thought you had a trust and it was empty, wouldn't you sell some of your possessions just to survive? I've never been in your situation, but when I was extremely broke at one point, I pretty much sold every piece of jewelry I had, which I totally regret now. But I had to do what I had to do. So, it's a little hard for me to feel sorry for you when you say you have no money, yet you have designer bags and probably a lot more in the way of tangible assets that you could use to live. Does that make sense? I'm just saying, if I were you, I would have sold all my shit a long time ago to pay for bills and settle lawsuits, and the only tears I would have shed would have been grateful tears - grateful to have the good fortune to have all that good shit to sell in the first place. Again, I'm just saying. Taylor's grade for the week: C (she's doing what she thinks is best even though I don't understand it).

Yolanda: It was great to see you with your family, but ... you gotta watch what you say. I'm sure you got flack for the lesbian comment. I understood what you meant about sports changing your daughter's body and that probably wouldn't be good for her modeling career. No problem there. But to say that you thought she was a lesbian because she wore basketball clothes to school everyday was not cool. In my experience, sometimes girls wear clothes that cover up their changing bodies because they're still not comfortable with what's happening physically. It certainly doesn't mean they're lesbians. And if she were a lesbian, I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem with it. Your comment was an off the cuff joke of sorts and I can see where you were going, but as you probably already know, some will rake you over the coals for that kind of statement. Yolanda's grade for the week: C (I don't think she realizes how some of the things she says come across to viewers).

Adrienne: It was nice to see you and Paul working on your skin care line. It was a nice scene overall, with the typical bickering we've come to expect from the two of you. When you said you were taking a break from the "girls" I honestly thought that was a great move on your part. It looked like you were focusing on your family and letting the smoke clear before jumping back in to the drama. And I believe you when you say the comments Brandi made stirred up trouble in your marriage. However, the trouble was there all along. Adrienne's grade for the week: B (she's laying low this week, which is smart).

Brandi: I thought it was cool of you to talk to Camille before meeting with Scheanna, since you both had similar experiences with ex-husbands. And Lisa was there for you in a major way, which I love as well. The talk with Scheanna was actually very productive and almost uplifting. I'm sorry that you had to find out some not so pleasant things about people that you thought were your friends, but honestly, they were probably covering for Eddie and thinking they were somehow protecting you. Or they just didn't want to get involved. I was proud of you for showing Scheanna a little kindness at the end by touching her shoulder - it showed you're not a vindictive person. It was almost as if once you heard her side and she acknowledged what she did was wrong, you could see her as a person and not this monster that ruined your life. She was human, finally, in that moment and you could really just communicate with her and leave the past behind. Brandi's grade for the week: A (she had the conversation no one wants to have and ended it with class).

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