Friday, January 4, 2013

RHOM - Build Me Up Just to Let Me Down

Well, here we are. Done with RHOM and the Reunion (only 2 parts? WTF?). I mean, after all those blogs came out after Part 1 about how Ana put the smackdown on Lea with her big ass manila folder, I was hoping we'd at least get a 3rd part of the Reunion. But alas, the Reunion ended just like the Atlantic Sea - cold and choppy. These ladies are nowhere near resolving their issues with each other, and while that may make for a stormy season 3, we can enjoy all the shadiness in Part 2 for now. And there was a ton of it going back and forth. This blog may get a little lengthy, but stick with me, I swear I have some good points to make.

Adriana: I'm so glad you said you regret getting physical with Joanna/HOanna. LOL! I can't stop laughing about that, sorry. You even apologized to Karent and Lisa! You obviously can't stand the sight of Joanna but at least you were able to take responsibility for your actions and admit that you were wrong. About the whole Romain thing - not kissing him on the cheek - I could see you were making a joke about the whole situation and Karent blew it out of proportion as usual. You were sweet to Alexia and defended her when Karent and Joanna were making fun of her crying. You're a very loyal friend. I have to address the rumors on Twitter - gurl, are you already married??? Adriana's grade for the week: B (the fact that she apologized gets her points in my book, but if she's already married that's kind of a fail for this season).

Marysol: I loved it when you said no one steals your pictures online! LOL! But seriously, I loved that you were supporting Alexia and telling us how much she picked everyone else up when Frankie was in the hospital. Also, it was great that you clarified that everyone in Bimini - including Lea - said it was the right thing to ask Lisa if it was ok to bring up the picture of Rodolfo to Karent. I'm sure the ladies did want it to be in private, but it just ended up being a totally different scenario. Regarding Lea, I was glad you confronted her about the green card comment because she did say it a few times and did imply that your marriage was fake - joke or no joke. And it did make an impression on people. So, I'm very happy that you got to tell her to her face that her joke had an effect on your life. She needed to hear that. You say you sucked as a wife, but the viewers will never know what happened in your marriage, so I say - I'm sure you did your best. Don't be so hard on yourself. You stood up for yourself to Lea and you said what you needed to say, so I think you accomplished a lot. We know you don't like confrontation but a little bit goes a long way. The part where you had to stop the reunion to go to the bathroom was hilarious, by the way. You said at the end of the episode that you're doing good, and we can see it. Marysol's grade for the week: A (she said what she came here to say and she put everything on the table, and I respect that).

Ana: You had plenty of ammunition left for Lea and Karent in this episode, but I wish Bravo would let us see what you really had with you (the big ass manila folder). Can you convince them to release it somehow? We need to see that footage! Anyway, you allege that Joe Francis was Lea's prop at the lingerie party and that Lea knew he would stir up drama because he told you they thought it would be "fun". If he said that, then he needs to attest to it and prove you right - maybe on Watch What Happens Live? - so that it's put to bed once and for all (no pun intended). I will say, the jokes about Lea being old got a little ... well, old ... but maybe that was your way of showing Lea that all of her recycled jokes get old, too? Maybe. So, let's move on to Karent. You say Rodolfo called her "Fatal Attraction" and that he told you she followed him to Mexico. Again, I want to see Rodolfo confirm this! Can we get a special edition of Caso Cerrado up in here? Regarding Bimini and the Karent conversation, you told Lisa that you all followed her into the house when she was about to talk to Karent to make sure she told the whole story - but I think you all wanted to be there because, let's be real, this was the moment that Karent was supposed to open her eyes about Rodolfo and maybe drop the facade. That's just my take. And yes, you were vindicated because it's been proven that you are not the Ana he was texting. Furthermore, according to you, rumor has it Rodolfo is gay! (When Andy asked if he was single, I died laughing!) At the end, you talked about Robert and it was very sweet but I want to know about who you're currently dating. So if you come back for season 3, let's hear about that guy. Ana's grade for the week: B (she stayed on her mission and didn't back down, but it's a shame we didn't get to see everything she brought to the reunion).

Alexia: Your fire and spark are everything - it's like home for me. I already explained how Latin Female Rage is one of my specialties in my last RHOM blog, but I think it warrants repeating - I speak this language. I know that rage. But I digress, you stuck it to Karent as much as possible, and although I don't think it was totally necessary, it was hilarious to watch. I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but come on, that shit was funny. Now let's talk about the serious stuff. Frankie is doing great, which is awesome, and I'm so happy about that. Peter acted out and hit a homeless man and posted it on Facebook, allegedly, but since this is a current legal matter, you couldn't go into much detail. You didn't excuse it, but of course, you're going to support your son and make sure he learns from his mistakes and follows through with the consequences of his actions. Watching you break down in tears was heart breaking. Not only because you've been through so much this year, but because the struggles aren't over yet by a long shot. It's obvious that you will continue being the rock of your family, and that's got to be a tough position to hold. I think you will do whatever it takes to keep your family together and I cannot blame you not one bit. I will say that it may be time to forgive Karent and let that negativity go. I would love to see you put all of that in the past on season 3, if you choose to come back. Alexia's grade for the week: B (she's staying strong and even though she ripped Karent a new one, she made me laugh, and you know that if someone makes me laugh, they pretty much get a free pass. Sorry 'bout it!)

Lea: I'm confused. Are you the lawyer? Because you had legal jargon and courtroom terminology coming out of your ears on this episode! Can we say rehearsed??? Anyway, you were right about a couple of things. No one should attack anyone without proof. No one should throw out careless accusations. However, you have to take responsibility for throwing out the green card comments about Marysol's marriage not once, but quite a few times, and it was hurtful to her. Also, you proved that you are shady when Marysol went to the bathroom and you WHISPERED to Karent that it's because she drinks too much. I'm sure that was just a "joke", right??? Well, Lea, I defended you and liked you in the past, but in that moment, you were SHADY. If you had something to say, you should have said it out loud and let Marysol hear you so she could respond. You were aware that you were still mic'd, right? So isn't that a "gratuitous accusation" and "character assassination"? All I'm saying is, practice what you preach. Of course, at the end of the reunion, you gave your closing statement (see, I know legal stuff, too) about how things said about you were unfounded and you forgive, but you don't forget, but your forgiveness is quantified ... blah blah blah. Seriously? Lea, you messed with the wrong one. Ana may not have brought the drama during the season, but you woke a sleeping giant when you talked about her kids and she's got you in her sights. This is one cast member who's not afraid to go toe to toe with you. I'm not saying anything Ana is saying is true, but your reactions to her just make it look like you're scared - like you do have something to hide. Lea's grade for the week: D (a lot of her responses sounded rehearsed and she was way too reactionary - somethin' ain't right).

Karent: I feel you were vindicated as much as some of the other ladies because it's been confirmed that you did not say the things in the infamous article, plus, you got an apology from Adriana. So, I say, take that and be glad about it. With Alexia, you can't win at this point. She has something against you and whatever you did to support her, it obviously wasn't enough or maybe it wasn't to her liking. Maybe she's team Rodolfo. Whatever. You don't need any of the ladies' approval, especially on this show. You're at your best when you're doing your own thing and not playing sides. When you and Joanna were mocking Alexia for crying, that wasn't you - that was Joanna's influence and you should be very careful with that. It's so not worth it to keep trying to prove that you and Rodolfo were really a couple - that is totally irrelevant now. No one cares about Rodolfo. We want to see you succeed and find love and bond with the rest of the cast. Karent's grade for the week: C (she is letting Joanna influence her and that is not the way to go).

Lisa: I totally agree that everyone disrespected you at your lingerie party with their antics. I loved how you stood up for yourself but you didn't lose your cool during the reunion. Even when you called bullshit on Alexia, it didn't bother me because you were being honest with how you felt. At one point you had to tell Alexia not to treat you like a child and you had to yell over everyone in order to finish your thoughts. Welcome to Housewives Reunions! I'm glad you're not giving up on having kids, and hopefully we'll see that journey in season 3. Lisa's grade for the week: A (I like her spunk and sass, especially because she's just being real).

Joanna: Thank you for saying you regret the fight with Adriana. We all do. So I hope now we can put that in the vault and never speak of it again. You admitted that part of that fight was caused by you drinking too much, and I agree. You say you don't associate with criminals, but Joe Francis gave you a job and you took it, so I'm just wondering - you would work for a criminal but not date one? Anyway, it doesn't matter what happened with Joe Francis. You could have avoided all this drama if you hadn't asked Karent to find out if he was talking about you. It was a stupid move on your part and it makes me wonder if you didn't do it on purpose to stir the pot. I am very sorry to hear your pictures were stolen and used for other websites, and I'm actually proud of you for taking legal action. About the stuff you did when you were 19, I really could not care less. It is what it is. I was happy to hear you say you weren't accusing Alexia's husband of being gay - you were just saying that it was a rumor you had heard - but it had no real place in the conversation, just like 90% of everything you say. I did not enjoy you making fun of Alexia for crying and it just shows that you are still immature and shockingly selfish and painfully insensitive to others. If you come back for season 3, please GROW UP. Joanna's grade for the week: D (only because she copped to the fight with Adriana but she has a lot to work on).

Elsa: I am grading you for the first time ever because you read these girls the house DOWN! Joanna IS disrespectful. You are 100% right. I'm glad you told Lea that what is going on between her and Marysol is hurtful to you. You were open and honest about your surgery that went wrong and I think people can shut up about it now. But, you did call Obama an animal - so you should have at least admitted it. You are still fabulous as ever - of course, you're Cuban after all! And I still love you. Thank you for telling these girls like it is and for letting us know Andy (AKA Dandy) has "secrets"! Interesante ... Elsa's grade for the week: B (a Bravo treasure).

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