Friday, January 18, 2013

RHOBH - "Shut the Fuck Up" Part 2 - Brandi Glanville

Happy Friday, kids! Just letting you know, all blogs will be posted on Fridays from now on, so start your weekends with me and my judgmental grading system for reality stars! Cool? Cool! Now, let's get into this week's RHOBH. There was a Moroccan dinner which turned into a shouting match, big surprise with that was Mauricio and Ken getting into it, which I'll dissect a little later. And Kim and Kyle had a really nice moment there, which was lovely. Brandi is still the center of attention/controversy and Taylor did her best to change that - didn't work but, nice try. And shout out to Marisa for wearing the same dress as Kyle does in her confessionals! Holla! It's time to hand out the grades ...

Taylor: What exactly was your point at the dinner? Because it went from your lawsuit, to your finances, to Adrienne, to dating, then back around to not walking away and you sort of rallying Brandi and Camille to join you in an army of ladies who aren't married at the moment ... it was all sort of bizarre. And what's with you calling Lisa "Leeeza"??? I'm just confused. Taylor's grade for the week: D (I couldn't make sense of anything you were saying!).

Lisa: That swing set area was ADORABLE!!!!! I friggin' love Ken!!!! I loved that you reminded everyone that Adrienne came after you and no one had anything to say about it when it was you being attacked. However, you stood up for yourself and didn't blurt out any personal business of hers so she really couldn't go after you much after that. And good for you for reigning Ken in because he was about to spill some more tea on Adrienne and Paul, which we would have loved, but wouldn't be good for you and Adrienne going forward and being civil with each other. Lisa's grade for the week: A (I loved how you stated the facts and left it at that). 

Brandi: I don't think you were saying that you couldn't talk to Adrienne, I think you were saying you FELT like you couldn't because she got lawyers involved. I would be scared, too, shit! And you may not want to keep talking about how Adrienne started it if you're not going to spill all the tea about everything she's done and said, because at this point, I'm ready to hear it. Tell us everything, or don't say anything. I can see why you got upset with Mauricio, because he was really spewing out unsolicited advice, and you just really didn't want to hear it. You're dealing with it your way and it wasn't his place to tell you what to do. And honestly, it's too late anyway. Ken was sweet to defend you, and I think he did that because he knows you and knows that you already admitted you were wrong, making the whole lawsuit thing unnecessary. You probably shouldn't have let Mauricio get to you so much, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't have gotten pissed off if I were you in that situation. Brandi's grade for the week: C (you keep talking about this stuff with Adrienne but then you get pissed off when people weigh in on it - you have to just stop talking about it).

Kyle: You're still disappointed with Kim, although you two had a really great moment at dinner before Mauricio started his manifesto about what Brandi should do about Adrienne. I don't blame you for staying quiet while Mauricio said what he needed to say but damn, you could have told him to wrap it up a lot sooner. It really was unnecessary for him to get all worked up about it. About Kim, I've told you this a million times, when you stop expecting so much from her, you can just appreciate what she does do. She showed up, she apologized, just be happy with that. Kyle's grade for the week: C (the stuff with Kim is getting so old).

Kim: I was dying when you kept saying in your confessional, "when was I supposed to go to your house?" LOL! You clarified on Watch What Happens Live that you never had definite plans with Yolanda, but let's be real, you could have just blown off whatever plans you two had. Which isn't a crime! But we all know you're not good for keeping appointments. I loved that you apologized to Kyle but you two have a long way to go. Maybe you two need some distance because whenever you get too close, you start to provoke each other. You have a lot of issues piled up between you and your sobriety is the most important thing for you right now. But it was nice to hear you say on WWHL that you and Kyle are doing good right now. Your advice to Brandi was accurate - she shouldn't blurt out stuff about people - so I'm not mad at you for contributing to the discussion in that way. Kim's grade for the week: A (I loved the lifecoach, I loved the apology, and I wasn't mad at your candor at the restaurant). 

Yolanda: You're so out of place with these lunatics, but yet, you tell them exactly like it is. "Drink this juice." "Do this cleanse." "Call her." "Keep calling her." It's very school teacher and I like it! It just makes me laugh that you try to help these ladies out when they couldn't be more inclined to do the exact opposite. You get this week's Honorable Mention! 

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