Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RuPaul's All Star Drag Race & Untucked - Final FOUR!

I am LIVING over last night's Drag Race and Untucked!! OMG! Can we just talk about the lipsync for one second? Jujubee and Raven lost their sh*t before the song even started. It was so sad! I couldn't believe they didn't win the challenge. I loved all the gurls' looks, but I honestly thought Team Shad would lose and Shannel would go home. Good thing they don't pay me to make predictions.

Let's talk about the challenge a little bit. No grades this week because, really, these ladies are werking their asses off, and they're all 10s in my book. Now, the challenge was for each team to become a supervillain/superhero duo. But first, that mini challenge had me in stitches. That was hilarious. Kudos to whoever thought of that one. I was dying laughing. Back to the main challenge. The queens did a look for their characters in their version of day wear and in their characters' official comic book costume. They also had to perform choreography for a theme song "Good vs. Evil". Shannel was the villain for her team, and she really had fun with it on the runway. Her day wear look was this beautiful one sleeved gown and classic Shannel hair. The costume look was her S&M inspired look that we've seen before, complete with face mask. She rocked it out! Chad was the hero and both of her looks were great. She wore this beautiful red chiffon number with a long scarf which served as a sort of mini cape, while her costume look was a really cool bustier with a full cape, all in reds and yellows. Jujubee killed the day wear look, but her costume look was read for filth because of its simplicity. It was a white body suit with silver accents and bright red long hair with bangs. I thought she looked amazing! But, there was no cape, no belt, etc. I thought she looked like Scarlett Johansen in The Avengers, only more fierce. So, for me, her costume look was a winner. Raven blew me away with her costume look. It was this amazing black cloak with a blonde wig and clear plastic face mask that just took it to a whole other level. Her day look was this super cute summer dress with Mariah-esque hair and loads of body.

To me, they all rocked the challenge. But, one team had to win and it was Shad. I think the judges liked their version of comic book characters because they were so over the top. Raven and Jujubee had great looks, but maybe they were more subdued than what the judges were wanting. Although, Michelle Visage showed Rujubee a lot of love, and she was totally on point with what she said about them. They were totally Marvel-like. Santino, of course, had his two cents and that's no surprise. I honestly don't see Jujubee ever wearing that body suit to a club, though, for real. Wendi McLendon-Covey was awesome as a guest judge and her critiques were on point. Elvira was very adamant in her opinions and she was definitely going for Shad to win it.

Then the lipsync happened and I think we all held our breath. How in the world was this going to work out for anyone? I couldn't believe what was happening and as the lipsync ended, Raven hadn't moved from her mark the whole time and Jujubee was clearly distraught. Even Chad and Shannel were visibly upset. Not a dry eye at the judges' table. RuPaul, in her infinite wisdom, and perfect Catwoman-inspired regalness, uttered the words we all wanted to hear: "You both stay." That moment was one of the most perfect moments in Drag Race herstory.

F*ck it, it's a top four! Now, the question is, now that it's individual, who's your pick? For me it's a toss up between Raven and Chad.

On Untucked, Jujubee lost her shit due to stress and I was so relieved to see that it was just a brief outburst and not a full-on fight. Now, some of the viewers may be upset that Jujubee was commenting on Shannel's obvious kissing-up to Elvira. I say, let her kiss up. RuPaul makes the final decision in the end. And the Puerto Rican queens got a huge shout out! HOLLA!!! Chuletas, YAAASSSS, b*tch!!

I am so looking forward to the finale next Monday night. We'll have our All Stars Hall of FAM-AAAAHHHH!!!!!

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