Friday, November 30, 2012

RHOM - Fake Apology

Well, kids, I couldn't sleep last night, so I actually watched RHOM at like 2 am, which was actually kinda nice for some odd reason. I definitely want to slap myself for staying up so late, but hey, it is what it is. This week was a little off for me in regards to the Miami ladies. They weren't really giving me much to work with but their mothers made up for it. So we'll deal with the moms and then the key players in this episode. Sorry to those I omit, but them's the rules now.

Elsa (Marysol's Mother): Um, you have some explaining to do. I love you, but you calling PRESIDENT OBAMA an "animal" is ... just ... SO WRONG. What the hell do you mean by that? You know what? I don't even want to know. SO disappointed in you. Elsa's grade: F (I'm so mad at her right now).

Lenny's Mother (didn't catch her name): You made a not so great impression, let's be honest. You were bitchy to Lisa (which, by the way, do you KNOW what she's been through with the miscarriages and all???) And then you say you're "not sure about Obama" ... I don't like you. Lenny's mom's grade: F (not cool - that's all I'm gonna say).

Joanna's Mother (again, forgot her name and I'm too lazy to try to find it): I LOVE YOU! You seem like a super nice lady and you told Joanna the truth about herself and gave her awesome advice. I hope she listens to you. I loved that you opted out of the political conversation. Can you join the cast permanently? Joanna's mom's grade: A+ (she is my new favorite HW Mom).

Frederic's Mother (sorry ...): You are classy, elegant ... perfection. In vintage Dior, no less. Frederic's mom's grade: A+ (another new favorite).

Now let's address the ladies:

Adriana: I think we got to see a different side of you this week, at least a different side as far as this season is concerned. I'm glad you are working on your trust issues. Frederic does seem like a really good guy. I wasn't sure about him at first, but I think he's definitely in it for the long run. But you have to get over the stuff that's holding you back. So, take care of that ASAP. The 50th Anniversary party was awesome. I loved it. The Brazilian band and you dancing in costume at the end was hilarious. You looked really happy and that made me feel happy for you. Keep this happy vibe going! Adriana's grade for the week: A (she's making progress).

Karent: I felt sorry for you on this episode because Rodolfo is clearly not that into you. It's sad because you're not a bad person or a bad girlfriend, for that matter. You're just not seeing what's right in front of you. He doesn't want to have children with you, hun. I'm sorry but that's what it is. We know you're no longer with him, so I'm glad you're not still in that relationship. However, for the purposes of this blog, I have to judge based on what we saw. Karent's grade for the week: D (for being so clueless).

Lisa: I can't imagine how frustrating it is when you're constantly being pressured to have a child when you've already had such a hard time with that whole situation. I really felt for you with your mother in law. But, you were respectful (but you did let her know you noticed she didn't tell you she loved you) and you had a beautiful seder for your friends and family. I really like you and I thought your toast was cute. Lisa's grade for the week: A (I feel for her).

Marysol: I think you've been caught in a lie, my dear. Not that James doesn't lie, either, because he clearly does. But I think between you, James, and Lisa Pliner, we'll never get the real story about what happened. If Lisa didn't want to pay James, she should have told James that. You should have never said a word because you knew it would get back to James somehow. So, lesson learned. If you don't want it coming back to you, keep your mouth shut about James. I thought it was nice that you had James/Elaine over to your office to talk about things and apologize, until you revealed that you didn't even know what you were apologizing for. It just makes you look two-faced. Marysol's grade for the week: D (I didn't like her fake apology).

Ana: I just have two questions and two statements for you. Why does your ex have his laundry done at your house? Why do you feel like you need to comment on your ex's appearance? If I were your ex's girlfriend, I'd be afraid to meet you, too (no shade). And I just want to say I really like your daughters. But seriously, cut the cord from your ex and move on. This isn't healthy. Ana's grade for the week: C (I get it, moving on is hard, but this was just annoying this week).

That's it for this week, Lea doesn't get a grade but she does get a side-eye from me about her "Latin Time" comment.

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