Thursday, November 15, 2012

RuPaul's All Star Drag Race and Untucked - Beat My Mug the House DOWN!!!

Oh my Gah - we are down to the final two teams. Now, I've been hearing that Ru will bring one queen back (as is her custom) and that the competition will become individual. I can only hope that both of those are true. Although the whole team thing has been fun to watch, it's made for a lightning-fast season (which may have been Ru's intention). I know the fifth season of Drag Race starts in January, and I can't wait, but I would have loved a true full season of All Star greatness. However, I am extremely grateful for the All Star season, so please don't think I'm trying to be rude or whiny about it. I mean, we've been lucky enough to see all of our favorites plus some amazing guest judges. So, we all win.

This week, the final three teams had to do some reading as cheerleaders. This mini-challenge fell flat for me. But hey, that's just me, I just happen to love the traditional reading mini-challenges, that's all. But this one was fun - it was a lot more awkward than any other reading challenge because they had almost no time to become cheerleaders. Some of their looks were a KI!!!

The main challenge gave me so much life, I almost couldn't take it. Guests Kelly Osbourne (Ozzy and Sharon's daughter), Jillian Hervey (Vanessa Williams' daughter), and Kady Z (Pia Zadora's daughter - 80's icon realness!) joined the queens for a girl group challenge. A la Season One!!! One of my most favoritest episodes ever. When Akashia tore it up on the lipsynch after getting read by Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child) and Tammie Brown went home. Ah ... memories ... Anyway, the queens picked their RuPaul song, and that song was assigned to one of the guests. So, Yarlexis chose "Covergirl", which was Kelly's song. Shad chose "Glamazon", and they got Jillian. Rujubee picked their season's "Jealous of My Boogie", which was assigned to Kady. The ladies got to work, choreographing, rehearsing, getting on each others' nerves, and getting on each others' nerves even more. But, to be fair, they've been working hard, and they've got to be exhausted by now. In a major, MAJOR drag faux pas, Kady informs Rujubee that she doesn't want her makeup to be so extreme for the show. Um, say what now? You're on RUPAUL'S ALL STAR DRAG RACE!!! IN A GIRL GROUP CHALLENGE!!! YOU DO AS YOU'RE TOLD!!! If Raven wanted to give you full beat, why in the world would you not take it???!!!!! That pissed me off to no end. Seriously, Kady, when you're at Drag Race, you get in full drag. No questions asked. If I'm ever lucky enough to perform with drag queens, they betta beat my mug for the Gods!

Show time!! Each team performed their songs for the judges (including Mary Wilson of the Supremes and Rosie Perez, my girl!!) and a live audience. Ru was channeling a blonde Miss Ross in all her "Upside Down" glory and I was living for Michelle Visage's 60's half-up-do and girls at full attention. Magnificent. Oh and Santino was there, too.They all performed for their lives! I loved each performance so much. The one that made me the most hype was Yarlexis, partly because of Kelly's enthusiasm, but Jillian was spectacular as well. She is a dancer and so so gorgeous. She gave us everything in that performance. I hate to say it, but Kady lacked in the performance piece. I mean, the least she could have done was give an amazing performance to make up for the fact that she looked completely out of place with Rujubee. Mary Wilson and Rosie Perez were awesome guest judges and had a lot of praise and constructive criticism for the girls. And I could listen to Rosie talk all day. Just saying.

Unfortunately, the bottom two were Yarlexis and Rujubee, with Shad winning again. I was so devastated. They all worked so hard and did a great job. But it's down to the wire and a team has to go. Raven did the lipsync with Alexis and it was an even battle at first. Raven pulled out all the stops and got down to her skivvies, while Alexis was relying on her dance moves. Yara decided she needed to step in, so she hit the button and tried to outperform Raven, but in the end, Raven took the win, and Team Yarlexis was sent home.

I love Yara and Alexis so much and I love that we got to see them perform for another season. They are cherished. RuPaul's goodbye speech to them was heartfelt and genuine - I love when we can feel Ru's love for the girls. She brought all of them back for a reason. And even though there will be only one winner of All Stars, all of the queens are already superstars.

Now, let's grade the teams!

Team Yarlexis: You two were brilliant, and even though it didn't go your way, you handled it the right way. I loved when Yara put her picture up next to RuPaul's! classic! You two are already legends. And you made a friend for life with Kelly. I'm not really sure why you didn't win the lipsync, but I understand why Yara pushed the button. It was your last chance to try and win it, so you had to take that leap. We don't ever get to see the whole lipsync, so we just have to trust that Ru had her reasons. Team Yarlexis' grade for the week: A (for always giving 110% percent).

Team Rujubee: You definitely got the shaft this week. Your guest was not cooperating, but you both tried your hardest to make it work. Raven, you gave us signature Raven in that lipsync and made us all remember why you are the baddest bitch of them all. You turned it all the way up. Jujubee, in the performance you were absolutely glowing. I am still rooting for you to be the last team standing, but if it becomes an individual race, I will be truly torn about which one of you should win. Jujubee's partner made an appearance on Untucked, and it was so touching. Make sure to post those wedding pics, gurrr!!!!! Team Rujubee's grade for the week: A (they worked it out in spite of a dud guest).

Team Shad: The wins just keep coming for y'all! Your experience and professionalism are really shining through. I am so happy for both of you. The performance was on point and like the judges said, you let Jillian shine in the performance and it made the whole thing really take off. When you were talking about your past issues with each other, it made me really connect with both of you, and we saw how bonded you two really are. And that's beautiful. I can't wait to see what happens, and who wins this thing. But you two have truly made your mark on this show, and you should be extremely proud. Team Shad's grade for the week: A (because they are dominating these main challenges, WERK!).

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