Thursday, November 8, 2012

RuPaul's All Star Drag Race - Ever In Your Favor

Are you loving RuPaul's All Star Drag Race as much as I am? It really is a breath of fresh air for me. I love the fashion, the makeup, and the personalities on this show so much. This week, Rachel Dratch and Janice Dickinson were the guest judges and my, oh, my! Janice was on one! Rachel was sweet and funny - I just love her. And I gotta shout out My Main Mama Michelle Visage! Her look this week was EVERYTHING! I couldn't stop staring at that betwixt-the-breasticles tattoo she has ... if I wasn't such a wimp about needles ... yeah, never gonna happen.

The mini-challenge for the week required each queen to give their best manly man self-portrait, and it revealed a lot about how our girls see themselves when they're not in drag. And they are all hot guys in their own right, mind you! In drag, out of drag, they are all fierce. 

This week's main challenge consisted of the teams o' queens had to do a Girls Behaving Badly/Candid Camera/Punk'd-inspired turn on the streets of Los Angeles, and get random passersby to engage in hilarious activities with them. It was a lot of fun to watch each queen try to convince people to crack an egg on their own forehead or dance with them or let them spray whipped cream down their pants. And people did it! The power of drag, my friends. The crazier the stunt, the more points the teams accumulated.

For the runway, the category was ... Bad Girl Chic. Very hot! I'll get into the details later while giving the teams their grades. Team Shad won this week - very well-deserved, since they got the most points in the main challenge and rocked the runway look. Team Latrila and Team Rujubee were in the bottom 2 (isn't it crazy that we're already down to only 4 teams this week???). Manila and Jujubee stepped up to lipsync for their team's life. And Jujubee took it on home, sending Manila and Latrice packing. It was so sad, and all the girls were very emotional. But Latrice and Manila's positive attitude was really uplifting and their friendship was a great take-away from this whole experience. 

On Untucked, the teams start to look at who's carrying whom in the competition, and it gets very heated. A digital visit from Season 2's Tatiana does not make things any better, as she spills the tea (shade) on all the ladies. A lot of it was nonsense, but it clearly got under some of their skin. 

Now, let's grade these teams! 

Team Latrila: You both are such positive people, and such caring people, so while it sucks to see you go home, you both handled it with grace and a sense of humor. Latrice, I think you were amazing on the runway - but unfortunately, it wasn't the judges' favorite look from you. I loved that you channeled Divine! That was so perfect for this week! And Manila, your shoe hat was everything. I think if you had coordinated your runway looks and played off each other a little more, you would have been safe. But hey, you ladies did a fabulous job and you got a great song and video out of it! I LOVE "The Chop"! What a fantastic way to celebrate your time on All Stars. You two are brilliant. Team Latrila's grade for the week: A (for an amazing attitude and their strong friendship). 

Team Yarlexis: This week was tough for you both. On one hand, Yara didn't do so well in the challenge on the street, and on the other, Alexis was criticized for being the weaker one on the team. On the runway, Alexis took Yara's lead and you both were a cohesive unit as far as the look. I'm thinking that's what may have made it look like Yara was the stronger of the two, because Alexis let Yara dress her in Yara's style. Maybe if Alexis had done her own version of pageant bad girl, it would have made her stand out on her own more. It's tough when you're in a team, though. There's always going to be a compromise or else you'll be totally mismatched on the runway. Alexis, you were awesome in the main challenge and I loved it when you blew up on the runway. We saw that fire from you. You want to win! That's the passion you need! You two need to come together and find a way to highlight both of your strengths in your runway looks. Team Yarlexis' grade for the week: C (because they both had a hard time, but they got through it. They just have to figure out where to take it from here.)

Team Shad: Easily the best week for the two of you. You both killed the challenge on the street and your runway looks were on point. I was dying laughing when Chad was joking around with the guy self portrait mini challenge, though. I think it's gonna be an even closer race from now on. I loved Chad's continued Hunger Games references! Yes!!! Can we see you do Katniss or even Effie Trinket? That would be amazing. I'm very interested to see if you two can win this thing. Team Shad's grade for the week: A (because they nailed the challenge and the runway, congrats!).

Team Rujubee: I picked you two to win the whole thing, so don't let me down!! Jujubee, you were fierce in the lipsync, as always. And I loved your runway look as well. You were great in the challenge on the street. I can't believe you got so many people to do so many crazy things! I will say that I liked both of your runway looks, even though they weren't connected in any way. You both looked great and Raven, I happened to love your runway look. It was different and edgy and fun. Janice Dickinson is a moron. I want you to focus on improving your communication and stay on the same page with each other. It was kind of sad to hear that Tatiana has such a problem with Jujubee, because what Jujubee said wasn't that terrible at all. And it was way back in Season 2! Hold a grudge much, Tati? Or was it all for the show? I'm still Team Rujubee, so make me proud!!! Team Rujubee's grade for the week: C (because they have some work to do, but I think they can still win).

So, who knows when this competition goes individual? Because there can only be one winner, yes?

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