Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RHOBH - Let the Professionals Perform, Dammit!

I may need a Xanax after watching last night's RHOBH. I mean, the level of immaturity we're seeing this season is already blowing my mind. Just a quick couple of observations: People need to keep other people's names out of their mouths because it only reflects badly on them, more on this later. And don't always insist on being the center of attention, it's annoying. Yolanda threw a great dinner party at her luxurious home and although her husband was definitely a diva, I would gladly sit there and shut up if they ever invited me over, because it was essentially an ultra-exclusive concert. I'm in!

Let's get into the grades so I can read some of these ladies properly.

Yolanda: Your house is amazing. The fact that you designed it speaks to your excellent sense of style. I had asked Lisa to adopt me before, but you can adopt me, too and you two can share custody of me. Now that that's settled, let's talk about the party itself. You went to great lengths to prepare the house for your guests and it showed. I totally understand what kind of parties you throw (not that I've ever attended anything as fabulous, but I get it). You're giving your guests dinner and a show. They're just expected to enjoy it. Not to participate. I think your husband should have been a little more gentle with his delivery of that message. You have professional musicians performing, so anyone with half a brain would sit back and enjoy it and not insist on joining in. As far as David's "homemaker" comment, I think I understand what he was saying - maybe the majority of the women he knows and deals with don't spend the time to host things at their home and take care of most of the details, like we saw you do on this episode. I wasn't mad at that comment at all. I think you were a great hostess in spite of some of your guests' attitudes. Yolanda's grade for the week: A (because I think she's an elegant and sophisticated person who puts a lot of effort into whatever she's doing).

Kyle: I was so glad to see you get the hint when David stopped you from singing at the party. No tea, no shade, but it was best if you didn't. I liked that you hit it off with David and had such a great time at the party. You didn't let not being the center of attention bother you. That's what adults do, they surrender the spotlight when needed. Kyle's grade for the week: B (because she behaved herself at the party).

Kim: You impressed me this week. Of course, you're still quirky, but quirky is good. You had fun at the party and there were no cringey moments from you. I appreciate that. The whole prom scene was fun and sweet. But who was all that food for? LOL! Kim's grade for the week: A (because I see the actual Kim now, and she's pretty cool).

Adrienne: Can I just tell you my theory? Real quick? I think you and Paul were already having problems, so teaming up against Lisa was sort of a mask for those issues. I can't think of any other reason why you and Paul constantly bring her up and rattle of the list of what she's done to you. Actually, it's more Paul than you actually saying it, but you get my point. Paul was so pissed that Lisa ignored him at Yolanda's but then turns around and tells Kyle he's ignoring her? What the f*ck? It just seems like you and Paul are the ones who aren't letting this go. I get that some of Lisa's comments hurt you but you two have to grow up. This is getting ridiculous. The best thing for you would be to forget it and move on. But you both insist on staying mad. I'm glad you asked Lisa to meet up with you to work things out and I cannot wait to see what happens in next week's episode. Adrienne's grade for the week: C (because I think she's still too concerned with Lisa even though Paul is doing all the sh*t talking).

Lisa: I think you're right to keep your distance from Adrienne, because you already know that you will not be able to resume a friendship with her without an apology. Like I said before, I can't wait to see how you two handle each other in next week's episode. But you know, that comment about the meeting being as short as Adrienne is didn't go over well. You did walk away from Paul and Adrienne when they entered the party, but after that, you were polite enough. Maybe it would have been better to say hello, but I have a feeling no matter what you do, they will complain. At the party, you also had the good sense to not insist on singing. It was nice to see you laughing and joking with everyone. Lisa's grade for the week: B (because she was civil, which is all an adult needs to be with other adults).

Taylor: Um, I am embarrassed to say this, but I just heard your intro line and ... what the f*ck were you thinking saying that sh*t? You worked hard for that zip code? Ugh ... I can't with you. Let's just talk about the episode. First, you need to cool it with the booze. Like, now. Yolanda is totally right, drunk women are unattractive. You brought up Brandi - for God knows what reason because she wasn't there and no one was talking about her. It was unnecessary and juvenile. Then, you get all offended because David told you not to sing. No shade, but shade, yeah don't. Because, in all honesty, you were a guest to their party and they give parties differently than you do. Yes, David was rude about it. But you got overly offended. Your problem wasn't that he told you not to sing. Your problem was that he was taking the attention off of you and putting it on the professionals. You could not stand to not be the center of attention. And that's the real T. To make matters worse, you pouted and bitched during the remainder of the party. Here's a thought, there's the door. You don't like this party? See yourself out. I mean, how ungrateful can you be? Because you weren't allowed to sing? You're a mess. Taylor's grade for the week: F (for being such an attention-whore that she would rather sing instead of enjoy the exclusive concert right in front of her).

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