Friday, November 2, 2012

Real Housewives of Miami - No More Slurs

This one is going to be brief, kids! Not much actually happened on last night's episode of Real Housewives of Miami, but I'm definitely hooked on this series now. Which is surprising because the first three episodes were so boring. They should have cut to the chase faster!

Anyway, I did not enjoy Norman at all. That was so not entertaining to me. I just don't enjoy that stuff. Elsa was great, with her feathered fascinator, as usual. The Black's Annual Gala went off without a hitch and all the ladies were pretty civil with each other (to their faces, of course).

Joanna: I am sick of you whining about your relationship right about now, Joanna. Seriously. Let's get something straight. Joe Francis didn't ruin your relationship. You did. When you told Romain to move the f*ck out of the way (I'm paraphrasing), he left. That's what happened. You don't get to rewrite history at Lea's gala and say that Joe Francis is the culprit. Yes, I agree, he should stay away from you. But quit being the victim when it's convenient for you. I do admire the fact that you left the gala to talk to Romain, though. Oh, and stop with the Brazilian slurs, that's not gonna win you any fans or secure your spot on next season's cast. Just FYI: Andy doesn't like ugly. Joanna's grade for the week: D (because her whining is driving me bonkers).

Adriana: I cannot condone you continuing to bash Joanna at Lea's gala. I understand, you were still angry, but the names you were calling her were cruel and unnecessary. I don't mind you telling people what happened or your side of the story, but don't call her a hooker and a whore. That just gives her more ammunition against you. This is getting really ugly and it's time to call a truce and keep your distance. But by the looks of the previews for next week, you two get into it again. Not good. Adriana's grade for the week: D (because she's fanning the flames instead of putting them out).

Marysol: So, what's this again about you sleeping at Philipe's house? What? I'm sorry, I love you, but that story made absolutely no sense. I get it, you don't want another failed marriage, but sweetie, when only one person is fighting to keep a relationship together, it's already over. I want you to file those divorce papers and move on. You're worth so much more than this. Marysol's grade for the week: C (because she needs to bite the bullet already).

Lisa: I like how you're getting along with everyone right now. I think you're a great addition to the cast because you don't hold back but you have a sweet side. You were a doll with Joanna, as was your husband. That was nice of you to console her. I thought it was so funny when you told Norman he was wrong about his vision for you. Of course he's wrong! What a crock of sh*t he was feeding all of you ladies! Lisa's grade for the week: A (she was a sweetheart in this episode).

Lea: I am so sorry about your dog and I hope he's ok. Your gala seemed to be a wonderful success. However, never, ever hire Norman to do anything for you ever again. He is so full of it, it's not even funny. You're better off just relying on your excellent event planning skills and crossing your fingers for luck. Lea's grade for the week: A (for getting through the stress of planning the gala and dealing with her dog being sick on top of everything else).

Alexia: I was so glad to see you return this week, although it was brief. Your disdain for Karent is palpable, and at this point, she can't make it up to you. I think I'm safe saying the sight of her turns your stomach. It's ok, some people just aren't meant to be friends. I did think it was rude of her to talk in Joanna's ear when you were clearly having a conversation with her, and I didn't mind that you let her know it bothered you. Then, you walked away. No problem there. It is what it is. Alexia's grade for the week: B (she said what she needed to say and left it at that).

Ana: Although I love that you and Marysol are so close, I'm not sure about your approach. Sometimes, you're a little rough, but maybe that's just your style. I do like you, but I think Marysol wasn't ready for your opinion of her and Philipe at that moment. I do think you have the best of intentions, though. As for your own situation, I say file the divorce papers and don't look back. Ana's grade for the week: C (because she was there for Marysol, but maybe a little too rough for my taste).

Karent: I think you behaved yourself at the gala for the most part, but you were a little rude when you interrupted Alexia and Joanna's conversation. Your reaction to Alexia was hilarious, because you were offended that she was offended - but you offended her first! It's almost like you can't help but step in sh*t. Be a little more self-aware, and I bet these little incidents will happen less and less. Karent's grade for the week: C (because she's constantly pissing people off and is totally oblivious to what she's doing).

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