Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RHOM - Speak Your Mind, Accept the Response

Ok, so with RHOM back on Thursdays (this is getting confusing), it has taken me a minute to post this blog, so my apologies right up front. This episode was pretty funny, if you find confrontation funny, which (duh) I do. We got to see Thomas' house, which incidentally, we've seen before on RHOA and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. So that was interesting! Elaine confronted Marysol, Thomas confronted Joanna, Ana, and Elsa, and Ana and Lea both confronted Marysol. Am I forgetting anyone? Probably. The point is this group is falling apart. And I can only hope the ladies can figure out who is really on their side and who isn't in time for the reunion. This season is flying by, and we'll be watching them go at it with Andy in no time. I gotta shout out Mama Elsa. Her shade towards Thomas' party was hilarious - after she was booted out, of course. It cracks me up that people can supposedly be friends for 30 years and then throw each other out of their homes because of some petty bullsh*t. Is that how friendship works in Miami?

Here come the grades:

Ana: I can understand why people will say that you were disrespectful to Thomas - because he asked you to be quiet and you weren't. And I actually get it, it's his home. But I think you were right on the money when you said people kiss Thomas' ass because he's rich. He said some pretty disgusting things, and everyone kind of just went along with it. You decided not to, you said so, and you left. I see nothing wrong with what you did, it just happened to occur after you had already had dinner and drinks! Hey, timing is everything, right? But seriously, you stood up for yourself and left willingly. No one had to throw you out. As far as Marysol, you're 100% right. Unfortunately, she is either not willing or not able to have your back the way you had hers. And that's a tough lesson to learn, but at least you learned it now. I am curious to know what you meant by Marysol's "dirty work". Could it be talking sh*t about people, or something more damaging? By the way, I don't really mind that you called your ex to pick you up. I think at this point, you were still very attached to him, so it's not a surprise to me that you would call him in that moment. Ana's grade for the week: B+ (because even though she got flack for it, she stuck to her convictions).

Marysol: This week was not great for you, let's be honest. You spent a lot of it talking sh*t about people and then being confronted for talking sh*t about people. I think you do speak your mind when asked, or when you're in a group where gossiping is happening. We all do it. People talk and you participate. It's not a crime. But, you have to back up what you say and own it. That's where you run into trouble. I have no doubt that you told Lisa Pilner something negative about Elaine and she ran and told her about it. That's what usually happens! So, when Elaine confronted you, all you had to do was say, "Yes, I said it. I was stating my opinion." And leave it at that. You can't run away from it anymore, Marysol. Do I think you were trying to get Elaine fired? No, but it made you look somewhat guilty when you wouldn't even admit that you were bad-mouthing him. I mean, we saw you do it. So, just own it. Believe me, it's the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Now, we have to talk about Ana. You did sort of sit there and let her get yelled at by Thomas - and you sat there and let him yell at your mom, too - but that doesn't necessarily mean you're a bad friend. It just means you didn't want to get involved. I get it. However, it hurt Ana's feelings and you have to take responsibility for that. Marysol's grade for the week: D (because she needs to own what she says and learn to reciprocate when friends defend her constantly).

Karent: You are a bit of a brown-noser, but maybe that's just your way of being friendly. In any case, it's annoying. You were all over Thomas, which got old real fast. But what I really want to talk to you about is when you had to (again) blab to Joanna about the joke Adriana made about flirting with Romain. Why do you feel you need to tell Joanna that? Adriana was not serious! It was a joke! And what did you accomplish with telling Joanna? Nothing. Sometimes, you have to discern what is important, and what isn't. And that joke Adriana made was not important. It wasn't important or relevant until you brought it up to Joanna. So, you essentially caused tension for no reason. There are certain times where you really need to just shut the f*ck up and keep it moving. Karent's grade for the week: D (for coming across as a tattle-tale kiss-ass, it's not a good look).

Joanna: I just want to know where you get all these figure skating outfits from, and why on Earth do you wear them to parties? Just saying. Save 'em for the ice, hunty. All kidding aside, you were very sweet to invite ALL of the ladies on vacation with you. That was a nice gesture. I just hope you don't drink on the trip (of course you're going to drink on the trip). I think you were actually right to be offended by what Thomas said about Romain leaving the dinner party. And really, Thomas is a sh*tty host for asking you if Romain was cheating on you. That is so out of line. So, for once, I really agreed with you getting angry about that. After almost blowing up at him, you decided to be the bigger person and not leave the party after all. I think you may have been intimidated by Thomas. He straight up yelled at you. If I were you, I would have just left. Thomas needs to realize that not everyone is going to think his "jokes" are funny. And yes, you were in his home, but that doesn't mean you have to take his inappropriate comments. You should have left with Ana like you were going to in the first place. And you are absolutely right, Karent was laughing at everything Thomas was saying. So, keep that in mind next time you want to jump in and defend her. Joanna's grade for the week: C (because she controlled her anger but I wish she would have left the party with Ana for solidarity's sake).

Lisa: Like I said before, I get the whole "it's his house, Thomas can say whatever he wants" theory. But, everyone has a right to their feelings and opinions, and if you don't take offense to what Thomas says, great. If someone else does, they have the right to say so and leave. That's exactly what Ana did and what Joanna almost did. I don't really care why you or your husband didn't get offended, because that's not my business. You getting on top of the table was a pretty creative way of diffusing the tension, so I'll give you credit for that. Lisa's grade for the week: B- (because she found a way to keep the party going, good for her).

Adriana: According to you, Thomas is misunderstood. You really weren't a big part of the drama (for once), so I applaud you for respecting your host and not getting involved in the fights. I can't wait to see the boat when it's finished. Adriana's grade for the week: A (because I want her to stay positive and not fight with anyone).

Lea: I love that you and Elsa get along. I think that's awesome. You and Marysol, on the other hand, well, that may be a little bit more difficult. I think you probably should have refrained from talking about the whole Elaine thing at Thomas' dinner. After the fights erupted and Thomas blew his stack, you admitted that Thomas overreacted. You definitely have no problem speaking your mind, and I appreciate that. You told Marysol exactly what you thought without any hesitation. I just wish she would listen and have a decent conversation with you about the issues between the two of you. And maybe don't defend James/Elaine so much - sounds like he's not the most reliable source of information. Lea's grade for the week: A (because she says what she means and means what she says).

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