Friday, November 18, 2011

So Close

Survivor has been getting really good lately. And the only reason I haven't blogged about it is because I watch it with my family and then I forget to take notes on it.

A lot has gone down. Cochran has flipped over to the old Upolu and has alienated his old Savaii tribe, well, maybe not Dawn, so much, but everyone else from Savaii hates him. But I don't blame Cochran for turning his back on Savaii. Here's how it was going to go - he would have made it a couple more weeks, maybe if he was lucky, sticking with Savaii. They couldn't wait to get rid of him because he wasn't in their alliance to begin with, and neither was Dawn. So he did what he had to do. I don't begrudge him that, and no one else should either. It's really easy to be part of an alliance where you can sit back and be protected while the rest of the tribe gets picked off one by one. But if you're one of the outsiders, when you see an opportunity, you go for it, and that's what Cochran did - and it was a game changer. And Whitney can shut her face because she's just pissed that she's not protected anymore. She actually had the balls to tell Cochran he disgusts her. Well, Whitney, women who cheat on their husbands on game shows disgust me, so suck it. Read this and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Besides, Ozzy needed to get kicked off his high horse anyway. And although I was rooting for Jim, he made a huge mistake not flipping over with Cochran. It's really sad, because Jim is smart, but he's still playing in Ozzy's shadow. He had plenty of chances to get Ozzy out and become the leader, and he never did it. So, in my opinion, he needs to sit down and get out of the way. Anyone who thinks they can win by riding coattails anymore is delusional, at least in my opinion. Those days are over. Or at least they should be.

So, long story short, Keith, Ozzy, and Jim are all at Redemption Island, while Cochran, Whitney, and Dawn are still in it with the former Upolu crew. Coach warns his tribe that Jim was dangerous. Not really, if he was that dangerous he would have ousted Ozzy a long time ago. Cochran jokes that he has to play along with Coach's foolishness so he can stay a few more weeks. I think Cochran needs to keep making major power plays, which may mean getting Albert and Sophie to turn against Coach. That's what I would do.

At the duel, Jim, Ozzy, and Keith compete to stay in the game by holding up poles with the backs of their hands. The two losers are the first two members of the jury. We know none of these three will not be voting for Cochran to win. Jim's the first one out, and the first jury member. Keith is the next one out. Ozzy proclaims that Redemption is the best place for him, since he can sit back, away from all the drama and beat everyone who comes through Redemption. It's a great plan, and I think this will be the only way for Ozzy to win the game. If he does come back in the game, I'd send him right back to Redemption anyway. Better for him to be out of the tribe dynamic and make it clear that he's not the leader anymore. He's better as the outcast anyway. Power does not agree with Ozzy.

Cochran is willing to play with Dawn and Whitney again and try to get them further in the game, but he could choose to let them get picked off by former Upolu, who's now protecting him. In the Immunity challenge, Sophie wins, and I realized, I've underestimated her. I've always enjoyed her on the show, but I would be so happy if she won. That would be awesome. Cochran never had a chance with this challenge, and I wish there were more puzzles or cerebral challenges so he could really shine. It's pretty much decided that Dawn is next to go, and Whitney after her. Dawn says Coach has this loyal following, but I think they're only loyal because they're safe. Once the situation is right, Upolu is going to tear each other to shreds. To hell with that loyalty BS.

Albert wants to secure Savaii jury votes by getting Edna out, which I totally agree with. Albert needs to really step up his game, and he'll become my hero if he's able to blindside Coach. I want to see that happen. Coach sees Albert talking to former Savaii members, and this does not sit well with him. Albert hints to Cochran that he will be taken out in 7th place, which makes Cochran furious. Not only because that's the exact opposite of what Coach said, but because that would mean Edna would make it further in the game, when she hasn't done anything but kiss Coach's ass. Albert takes Cochran to talk to Sophie and she seems to be up for it. Sophie wants to make it to the end, and I think she deserves to. Coach is getting suspicious about Albert, and says that anyone who goes against the tribe will be "dead".

At Tribal Council, Dawn urges the bottom-of-the-totem-pole dwellers on Upolu to join them and shake up the game. Cochran says he's confident that he can do some maneuvering to stay in the game past 7th place. He says he's planning ahead for when there are fractures in the Upolu tribe and says it's the best time to make a big move, a statement which I think is directed to Sophie and Albert. Coach tries to say he's not the leader, and Whitney says he most definitely is. Albert says Coach isn't the leader for him, but maybe he is a figure head for some people who need someone to look up to. Dawn is voted out first, so she goes to Redemption. Wouldn't it be great if Dawn beat Ozzy at Redemption Island? OMG!! Awesome!!

Jeff announces there's another Immunity challenge happening right then and there, which is a series of questions regarding life on the island. Cochran should have won this one, but he was eliminated way too soon. Come on, Cochran! This one should have been yours! Sophie wins again, and I hope she keeps this momentum going. Whitney is voted out and goes to Redemption. Sorry, Whitney, but at least you have Keith to cheat on your husband with!!!

Upolu now has to figure out how they're going to start voting, and I suggest they start with Edna. Coach has it out for Brandon, though.

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