Monday, November 7, 2011

Always Sunny on SNL

Charlie Day was the host on SNL on Saturday and it was one of the best shows this season! Maroon 5 was the musical guest.


Kim's Fairytale Divorce: This one is an instant classic. Kristin Wiig nails Kris Jenner perfectly. In fact, all the players are so good in this. You have to see it. It's truly hilarious.

Kings of Catchphrase Comedy: See if you can spot the digs towards Dane Cook and Sarah Silverman.

Weekend Update: Bill Hader absolutely skewers Rick Perry, and Kristin Wiig outdoes herself on the latest Judy Grimes bit.

Crime Scene: I loved this because Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day are so much fun to watch together.

You can catch all of the awesome moments here

What were your favorite moments?