Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Go For It!

If you're still not watching Parks and Recreation on Thursdays on NBC, you should be ashamed of yourself. Now, do the right thing and go to this site and get caught up.

This week, Ben is still bummed out and tells Leslie he's made arrangements to no longer spend time at the Parks and Recreation department. NO! Ben and Leslie belong together!! Tom and Jerry are assigned to work on a new logo and overall makeover for the Parks and Rec image. Andy is thinking of going to college, and he has April and Ron by his side giving him their respective takes on what his college career should consist of. Leslie is panicking over the prospect of not seeing Ben anymore and Ann tries to talk some sense into her, which of course, doesn't work. Leslie decides to drag out the last project she and Ben will be working on so that she can continue to spend time with him. Oh, honey, this is not the way to go.

Leslie finally gets herself together and talks to Ben. You gotta see this episode. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

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