Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am so excited for JR and Karina! What a great victory, and so deserved. This was a great grand finale. Karina and JR pulled out all the stops, not only last night, but also tonight with their jive and samba. I'm just so proud of them, they really deserved this win, in my opinion. I called it, too! Check my blog from earlier today!

I am a little sad that Ricki was 3rd, but I totally understand it, and her reaction was classy. She's a great performer, and this will definitely catapult her back into the public eye in a big way. I hear she's getting a new talk show? If so, that's awesome.

Rob did a great job, and I loved his attitude at the finale. So humble, so down to earth, and you can tell he had a good time. And Cheryl did an amazing job with all of the dances, so kudos to them.

I loved seeing the rest of the cast dance, especially Carson Kressley!! SO GOOD!! And Chaz and Lacey's dance with Lacey's dad was super cute. I really enjoyed that.

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