Sunday, November 13, 2011


This week's episode of Glee was pretty intense, on several levels.

Artie is thriving as director of the school musical, West Side Story, and all seems right with the world. Rachel and Blaine are in rehearsals, singing "Tonight", which is easily one of the best Broadway tunes ever. Artie decides their lack of sexual experience is hindering their performance. How can they sing about passion and lust if neither of them knows what that really feels like? I actually think their inexperience is valuable to their performance - all that tension right underneath the surface could be quite useful.

Finn is super excited about an upcoming visit from an Ohio State recruiter, which also happens to be the object of Coach Bieste's affection. Only she hasn't confessed her feelings for him. Oh, and turns out, Bieste is a virgin as well.

The Warblers turn in a rousing version of "Uptown Girl" while Blaine watches. He's there to invite the guys to West Side Story. There's a new Warbler in town, and he's dangerous. His name is Sebastian, and he is a shameless flirt. He's a home wrecker! And I am anti-home wrecker!

Santana and Rachel rehearse "A Boy Like That", and give us serious drama. These girls are talented, no doubt about it. Although, I can't not think about Rita Moreno's iconic performance in the movie. Rent "West Side Story" and prepare to be blown away.

Blaine meets Sebastian for coffee, and tells him that he has a boyfriend. Sebastian says that doesn't bother him. See? I told you! Home-wrecker! Thankfully, Kurt shows up and makes it more than obvious that Blaine is his and he's not going anywhere. Sebastian invites them to a gay bar. To Blaine's surprise, Kurt accepts the invitation. Kurt wants to start to take chances, and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

Finn and Rachel have a romantic dinner at Finn's house (all alone). They're celebrating 4 months of bliss, and Rachel initiates a makeout session. She wants to take it further, but lets it slip that she wants to "get this done by opening night", so that her performance can be as truthful as possible. Finn gets offended and leaves. Rachel totally screwed herself on this one, no pun intended.

Mike Chang's father confronts him about being in the school play after he explicitly told him to quit dancing. Mike stands up to his father and refuses to quit. Mr. Chang threatens to disown him, to which Mike says, "I don't have a dad anymore."

Artie learns that the Ohio State recruiter has feelings for Coach Bieste, and urges him to ask her out. He does, but Bieste can't quite believe the recruiter is sincere. She explains that she's not the pretty girl, and the recruiter tells her that she's beautiful. She finally accepts, and I'm really happy they're giving Bieste a love interest. Finally!

Rachel calls a girls meeting about her disastrous night with Finn and they all agree she should wait to have sex. Santana takes the opportunity to slam Finn's lovemaking skills, while Quinn reminds everyone of how having sex ruined her perfect life. Tina pipes up and shares how her first time was amazing, and says she doesn't regret it at all. Rachel now looks even more confused than usual.

Kurt and Blaine show up at the gay bar ("Scandals" - LOVE that name!) with fake IDs in hand. The scene is a little less than fabulous, but the guys give it a chance. Sebastian welcomes the boys and wastes no time getting Blaine on the dancefloor with him. To my personal surprise, Karovsky shows up and chats it up with Kurt! OMG! At least he's not being violent. Karovsky reveals that he's much happier now that he's going to a different high school, and he's apparently a bearcub. Kurt encourages him to be whatever he wants to be at his own speed. Good advice. Kurt then runs to the dancefloor and cuts in to dance with Blaine, who's intoxicated. As they're leaving, Blaine makes moves on Kurt, but Kurt refuses since it's neither the right time or place - and Blaine's drunk. Blaine doesn't take the rejection well and walks home, but not before throwing a dig at Kurt about trying to be spontaneous and fun.

It's opening night, and Rachel and Blaine are still virgins. They're both freaking out, but it's more about the musical than anything else. Artie is in a panic as well, after all these weeks of pretending he knows what he's doing, he's worried that everything is wrong. The cast gives him a bouquet of flowers and says thank you for putting the show together. We see the cast perform the showstopper "America", and they really did do a great job. I loved the fact that they had the Jets jump into the performance for a bit. All things considered, the show is a success.

Blaine apologizes to Kurt after the show and they have a really touching conversation. Who else is bummed we haven't seen Kurt's Officer Krupke?! I wanna see that!! The boys pass on the afterparty, and opt to go to Blaine's house instead. Finn is devastated because the recruiter passed on him, so he's spinning out of control with disappointment in himself. Rachel reassures him that he'll find a new dream, and that they'll figure it out together. The wedding scene plays while scenes of Blaine and Kurt and Rachel and Finn come and go, leading us to believe that each of these couples have taken their relationships to the next level.

Next week, Santana and Rachel go for eachother's jugular and there's a crazy dodgeball fight. Oh, and Puck and Shelby may or may not get it on.

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