Friday, November 18, 2011

Someone Like You

Emma Stone has made my list of favorite SNL hosts. This season is just getting better and better. This Saturday Jason Segel is hosting with Florence + The Machine as the musical guest. I'm psyched!

But back to last Saturday. You can watch this episode and others you may have missed here.

The opener was another dig at the Republican Debates. I still find them funny, especially Bill Hader's take on Rick Perry. Still makes me laugh.

Emma's monologue was pretty good, and her gorgeous boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, making a cameo just made it even better.

Secret Word with Kristin Wiig was hilarious! I wish game shows were still like this.

Bill Hader killed again as Herb the Newsman. Or should I say he "died" again, LOL!

The digital short this week wasn't that great. And I'm not a fan of Coldplay's new stuff so I didn't pay attention to their performance.

Weekend Update was fun, as usual. I really love Seth Myer's delivery. Jason Sudeikis made an appearance as the devil, who is apparently not as informed on recent bad guys as we'd expect. This bit is always amusing. Kat and Garth, the musical team who just can't seem to prepare stopped by as well with their new backup singer (Coldplay frontman Chris Martin). This was really fun, I love watching Fred try to lose Kristin while they're ad-libbing but she keeps right up with him. So talented.

The French Kids sketch was cute, I don't know why I love it so much but I do. Don't judge me.

The Bridal Shower sketch was probably the funniest of the night for me. Emma was so hilarious in this one.

Another Coldplay performance - fast forwarded, sorry.

Happy Hour sketch was good too, and yes, everyone sings Adele's "Someone Like You" while crying when they're sad. This one was awesome.

The last sketch was "We're Going to Make Technology Hump", pretty self explanatory. And funny.

Can't wait till Saturday!! Love me some SNL ... what did you think of this episode? Tweet me!