Friday, November 18, 2011

Rumor Has It

Glee has been bringing the DRAMA lately, right? I love it!

Puck is still in love with Shelby and rocks out with the boys to "Hot for Teacher". Cute.

Sue's still going forward with her dirty campaign aids implying Burt Hummell has a baboon heart. Kurt is livid (and looking fierce in his wrap/sweater/braided skull cap combo), and storms into Sue's office demanding an explanation. In her best Sue Sylvester sneer, she tells Kurt that politics is dirty, and that's why Kurt's losing the class president race.

Shelby and Will decide to motivate their respective glee clubs with a Mash-Up Mash-Off, and perform a mash-up of Lady Gaga's "You and I" with Eddie Rabbitt's song of the same name. It's not the best mash-up, in my opinion, because I have never heard the Eddie Rabbitt song, and if I have, it was evidently forgettable. The best mash-ups are comprised of two equally popular/recognizable songs. It could be a generational thing, too, so don't hate me too much for not loving it. I did love Idina singing the hell out of Gaga's song! You and I is one of my favorite songs from Born This Way.

Puck tells Shelby he wants her, and it's a lot awkward, since apparently they kissed! I must have looked down to write my notes at that very moment because I honestly don't remember that from last week's episode. (Must watch show first, then take notes.) Shelby insists their kiss was a mistake, but Puck isn't going to give up that easily. Plus, he's 18, so it's not illegal, just super creepy.

Finn volunteers Irish foreign exchange student, Rory, for a solo at sectionals, which is totally unnecessary in my opinion. The kid is likable, but damn, don't these kids want to win? Blaine for the solo! Quinn is still hellbent on getting her kid back in the shadiest plan ever. This girl is not only evil, but just plain sad. I can't even hate her because she's so tragic. Kind of like Taylor on Housewives of Beverly Hills. Quinn asks Shelby if she can join the Troubletones, and she says she'll think about it. Finn and Rory run into Santana and Brittany in the hallway and Santana doesn't ever pass up a chance to call Finn fat, so that's exactly what she does. When Finn and Rory try to insult her back, she gives them the business, referencing her inherited smack talking abilities (is it just me or did they just give her the same grandma as George Lopez? "Garbage face?" Anyone?). They settle on settling this with a game of dodgeball - New Directions vs. Troubletones.

Rachel asks Shelby to sign a pre-written letter of recommendation for her dream college, and Shelby praises Rachel and says she's proud of her. Shelby says she'll be cheering her on because she's a star. Rachel decides it's ok if Shelby actually writes her own letter of recommendation - I mean, if she's going to say all that, she better, right?

It's dodgeball time, and the mash-up for this scene is "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar and "One Way or Another" by Blondie. See, this one is more to my liking. The Troubletones, with their brutal acrobatic feats, destroy New Directions. After the match is over, Santana pelts Rory a couple more times mercilessly. Kurt comes to his rescue and condemns Santana for her actions.

Mercedes establishes herself as the leader of the Troubletones, to the dismay of Santana, and demands that Santana cool it with the cruelty from now on. Santana agrees, but only because Brittany bats her eyelashes at her - this girl is in LOVE! Santana somewhat apologizes to Finn, and it's totally insincere. Finn has had it and tells Santana to come out of the closet. This crushes Santana. Mind you, this happens in a crowded hallway within earshot of a bunch of students.

Burt's had enough of Sue's smear campaign and urges Will to fight fire with fire as his campaign manager. Puck goes to Shelby's house and tells her about Quinn's evil plan. Puck says he should be in Beth's life and he wants to be her dad for real. Shelby's understandably shaken by all this new information about Quinn.

New Directions performs their mash-up for the Mash-Off, "You Make My Dreams Come True" and "I Can't Go For That", both by Hall and Oates. Don't judge me, but I love me some Hall and Oates. They decided to pay homage to these 80s superstars for their ability to stay together for so long, just like New Directions. It was a fun performance, complete with costumes, dancing, and light-hearted fun.

The debate for class president is underway, and Brittany promises to make tornadoes illegal and to go topless on Tuesdays. Really? Is she just a high school prostitute now? Kurt takes the mic and explains that he was never about dirty politics and he's not going to start now. He wants to ban dodgeball as it is a tool to bully and there's no place for that at McKinley High anymore. Rachel tells the crowd that she is withdrawing from the race and her vote will go to Kurt. I am so glad she's realized she can't turn her back on her bestie anymore. Kurt asks Rachel why she decided to do this, and she says she wants him to be class president so he can get into their dream college together. She can't imagine going without him. And a friendship is reborn.

Quinn goes to Shelby's and gets a pretty harsh verbal beat down from Shelby. This girl seriously needed a wake up call. Let's hope she listened. But I doubt it. Santana is called into Sue's office, and Will and Burt are there. Sue explains that in politics, things get dirty, and they show her a campaign ad from another candidate running against Burt and Sue. It "outs" her and condemns Sue for having a lesbian lead the Cheerios. This ad will be running in a matter of hours. Turns out one of the kids in the hallway during Finn's outburst is the niece of the other candidate. Santana breaks down, crying because she hasn't come out to her family yet.

The Troubletones' mash-up is "Rumor Has It" and "Someone Like You" by Adele. They knock it out of the park, with Santana and Mercedes as the lead singers. They have a great group behind them, and their outfits and hair were awesome. (Sorry, I notice that stuff.) At the end of the performance, Santana screams at Finn for outing her in the hallway, blaming him for the campaign ad. She slaps him, which shocks everyone. This girl is falling apart, and no matter how mean she is, I feel for her.

The next episode will air on December 1st, and for some reason, Bieste's boo is on a date with Sue (?), and there's more Puck/Shelby/Quinn drama, plus we'll see what happens with Santana.

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