Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Predictions

The DWTS Finals were last night, and you know I have my opinions. So let's jump right in.

Ricki performed a cha cha - and something was a little conservative about this performance for me. I wish she would have just busted out and blew our minds. No such luck, though. The judges liked it, but pointed out a few mistakes. Her score: 27.

Rob did the waltz and it was very pretty. Cheryl is an awesome choreographer and he definitely played the role of the leading man. Good job. The judges loved it, but let him know he missed a step here and there. His score: 27.

JR also did the cha cha, and it was chock full of fancy footwork. I liked it, but the judges mentioned his arms were a bit off and he lost his timing in the beginning of the dance. His score: 24.

Freestyle time!!!

Ricki's freestyle in a word, was disappointing. Very disappointing. It was a combo of salsa and quickstep, and although technically, it was perfect, it wasn't exciting. It was just nice. And that's not what freestyle is about. I did like the lifts and such, but it wasn't enough to win, in my opinion. The judges liked it, and mentioned it was a very demanding routine. Her score: 27.

Rob went next, and his routine was very 20's-inspired. I wasn't impressed with this one either! The tempo of the song was all over the place, and it was just clumsy at times. I did like Rob's pachuco outfit, though. The judges, inexplicably, loved it. His score: 30.

JR's freestyle was AMAZING!! THIS IS A FREESTYLE!! It was exciting, animated, and FUN! The lifts were awesome and the choreography made me wanna get up and dance. I think Karina nailed it on this one. This freestyle was the best one I've seen in a long time. The judges loved this one, as well they should. His score: 30.

JR won it last night for me. Unless Ricki pulls out all the stops tonight, I think she'll be number two. I really hope JR wins, though. Rob did a nice job, and I'm wondering if the powers that be will intervene and throw the number one spot his way. I really hope not. JR totally deserves the win.

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