Wednesday, November 16, 2011

JR for the Win!

Dancing With The Stars is getting down to the wire, and yes, thank the Lord, Hope was voted off last night.

She has the WORST attitude. Instead of recognizing that she is the worst dancer left on the show, and the least famous person on the show, she has this stupid entitled attitude that's just infuriating. On last night's recap, they revealed that she and Maks were saying "F*** them" about the judges, and basically ignoring everything they said. Even Len was confused, saying "We were being nice." No matter what the judges did, Hope was going to act like a spoiled brat. I'm so glad she's gone. And Maks too, actually. He needs to go. I'm all for getting new judges if it means getting rid of some of these ego-maniacal pros as well.

JR had a tough week, with an injury that just wouldn't stay in check. I really felt for him. Let's hope he's in better shape for the finals! Come on, JR, I picked you as the winner! Don't let me down!

Ricki is back in her groove, and she really turned it out this week. I'm so proud of her!! I'm just glad she gets to go to the finals. I think she'd make a great runner up - unless she runs away with the win after all.

Rob has momentum on his side, along with the judges love, so I'm not at all surprised he's in the finals. I don't see him winning, but stranger things have happened. I can't wait to see his freestyle dance. Cheryl does have some luck with those.

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