Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Congratulations, Or Not

The tension is bubbling over on Real Housewives of Atlanta, and it's not just the ladies who are at each other's throats, the husbands get in on the action this week.

Sheree is demolishing a house in order to build a new one, because you know, old houses are yucky. Didn't Teresa from Jersey Housewives say the same thing? Hmmm. Anyway, Sheree says this house will only have the essentials - like a skating rink, lounge with DJ booth, and spa area. Who does this girl think she is, Adrienne Maloof? Whatever, Sheree. Stop trying to act like you're rich. You know you ain't got Nene money, so sit down. 

Phaedra and Apollo discuss his recent run in with the police. She says it was a case of mistaken identity, but everyone is talking smack about the ex-con being pulled out of his car by officers. Whatever the case may be, I feel for Apollo, because he seems like a nice man with a rocky past who's trying to do right by his family. 

Cynthia and Peter have Noel's father, the sexy as hell Leon, over and they talk about some of the issues with Cynthia's sister and mother after the wedding day bruhaha with the marriage license. There's so much unresolved pain there, and it doesn't help that Peter seems to be so stubborn. He definitely won't be the one to initiate a resolution. 

Kim and Sheree meet for lunch and I'm shocked that they don't immediately start trashing Nene. They talk about Sheree's new house, and Kim's upcoming baby shower. Instead of capping on Nene, they talk smack about Cynthia and Peter, because Peter gave an unfavorable interview to a magazine about them. Oh well! How many times have they been quoted saying something not so nice about their cast mates? Grow up!

Nene and her youngest son wait for Gregg to pick him up, and they discuss the separation. It's obviously hard on him, and Nene tries to be as diplomatic as possible about the subject. I thought it was nice when she said she still "likes" Gregg, and they seem to get along pretty well when he shows up. 

Phaedra and Kandi go shopping for Kim's baby shower gift, and Phaedra reveals that she was hurt by what Peter said in the magazine article as well. I swear, Phaedra should be the last one concerned with what Peter says. Who cares? But she does, and apparently, it's affecting her friendship with Cynthia. But she must not be too worried about it, because it doesn't stop Phaedra from calling Peter "Papa Smurf" and "Uncle Ben".

Nene, Kandi, and Mama Joyce get together and talk about men in a hilarious mini-scene. Love it when Kandi and Nene get along.

Kim's baby shower is quite the affair, and everyone is dressed to the nines. Kandi, Mama Joyce, Phaedra, and Apollo, arrive first, and Lawrence and Sheree show up shortly after. Kim's father gives Phaedra his business card in probably the sleaziest self-promoting speech ever. Gross. Phaedra can't help but notice the shower is just as extravagant as hers, if not more. Kim had no problem criticizing Phaedra's baby shower last season, saying it was over the top. I'm sorry, having those portraits all over the place was pretty over the top. And kind of tacky, if you ask me. Sheree says she no longer talks to Cynthia because she's too far up Nene's ass. They talk about the magazine article and Sheree decides to question Peter's manhood by asking "what straight man" would gossip in a magazine article. I don't know, Sheree, but you talk enough for everyone, so maybe you're not the best person to complain about such things. 

Oh, and Nene wasn't invited to the shower but she's not sweating it - check out this exclusive bonus scene

Cynthia and Peter show up late because she was out of town working. Kim notes that they didn't bring a present, and showed up 20 minutes before the party was over, so "what's the point?". Well, Kim, they wanted to come and celebrate with you despite your shitty attitude, but since all you care about is presents, you probably don't understand that. Sheree makes some stupid quip about Cynthia being off Nene's leash and coming to the party. Bitter is not your best color, Sheree. It's really ugly on you. 

Brielle gives a pretty hilarious speech - and in the process kind of throws Kim under the bus. I love Brielle! 

Kandi asks Peter what's new and he chats about his new bar, Bar One. Phaedra makes some passive aggressive dig about not being invited because Peter doesn't like her. And so begins the Baby Shower Brawl. Peter isn't the one, I'm just saying. Phaedra obviously thought she was going to guilt him into apologizing, um, no such luck. Sheree jumps in saying she knows she's cute, so she doesn't care what Peter says - I'm guessing he said she wasn't attractive. Apollo gets involved and the two men pretty much just start puffing up their chests. Seriously, this whole thing could have been resolved if Apollo would have said, let's just talk about it later. And Peter should have controlled himself a lot better. But the person who started the ball rolling was Phaedra. So what, he doesn't like you? Do you really care that much? And of course Apollo is going to back his wife up. It was just a bad situation. The security staff get ready to break it up, and Apollo and Phaedra walk away. 

Kroy looks really annoyed with this, and calls them "stupid people". It is really stupid to fight at a baby shower, and these guys should have known better. Just because you want to prove a point doesn't mean you should make an ass out of yourself. Cynthia is totally embarrassed, and thank the Lord for Lawrence, who knows how to make fun of any tense situation. Kim says if this were last year, she would have thrown a fit over this, but she's much calmer now, thanks to Kroy. Now if only Kroy could find a way to get Kim to shut up, I'd be happy.

Next week, Nene tells Cynthia about her sex life, Kim talks circumcision, Kandi gets Ridiculous for her birthday and fights with her mom, and Peter confronts Cynthia's sister. 

On Watch What Happens Live!, Cynthia and Keisha Knight Pulliam were the guests. You know Keisha as Rudy from the Cosby Show. She's a lovely young woman with a spot on Tyler Perry's sitcom on TBS. She was a really fun guest. Cynthia explained her and Peter's actions in this episode, including why she didn't bring a baby shower gift - Kim didn't bring them a wedding gift, brought her own wine, and gave their marriage less than a year - which I thought was pretty fair. Don't dish it out if you can't take it, Kim! Cynthia defended Peter, but I didn't expect anything less. They seem to be really happy, and I'm happy for Cynthia. Peter seems like a handful, but he also seems like a genuine guy. I'm not mad at him. The after show was a lot of fun - you can check it all out here

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