Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Botox and Boyfriends

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were quite busy in this week's episode. These ladies just bounce from one awkward group activity to another, don't they?

First up, Paul Nassif's Night of Beauty. Why do I feel like there should be some kind of step and repeat in the lobby? Oh well. Kyle goes in and asks for help with her love handles. Um, what love handles? These ladies. Seriously, they have it all, and still find things to gripe about. Or maybe that's just a woman thing. Paul suggests some type of laser thingamajig that's supposed to get the fat out of your cells and then shrink the fat, which causes you to lose inches. Sign me up! Taylor gets her requisite fillers, and has a run in with Lisa in the process. Lisa tells Taylor that she needs to eat. Taylor takes offense to this, again, and explains that she does eat but she has a "genetically thin face". Yeah. And the rest of you looks like a living skeleton because you just happen to have thin genes. Whatever.

Lisa is not getting anything done because she can't risk having to stay home to recuperate since she has business to run and people to see. I love it! Camille cannot come and partake in the botox buffet because she's having trouble with her ex husband, Kelsey Grammer. He really shot himself in the foot putting this one on reality tv, am I right? Everyone pretty much hates him now, and she's actually likeable. I think HE'S the reason she was so koo-koo bananas last season. Lisa and Kyle lend an ear to Camille, for which I'm sure she's grateful. Lisa then gets an email from Taylor's husband (who is now deceased), Russell, explaining in some detail that their marriage is fine and the tabloid stories are untrue. Lisa is understandably confused by this. In her interview, Taylor explains that since Russel suspects Lisa of leaking stories about their marriage to the press, he sent her an update to see if that would make it into the tabloids as well. Makes absolutely no sense. Kyle says she's staying out of it, which is the smartest thing she's said all season so far.

Kim shows up late, as usual.There's definite tension between her and Kyle, especially when the subject of her upcoming move is mentioned. Kyle asks if Kim will be going to the seance Kyle is having, and Kim says no because it's against her religion. Can I just say that I don't agree with the whole seance thing - I think it's scary and just not a good idea. Kyle balks at Kim's excuse, and retorts that Kim's seen the same psychic for years, and never mentioned the religion thing before. I say, let it go. Some people just aren't into it, whether they've dabbled in that kind of stuff before or not. But, I have to tell you, Lisa's impression of Kim gave me EVERYTHING!!! Another reason why I love Lisa. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Lisa then confronts Taylor about Russell's email - AWKWARD! Taylor brushes it off, tells Lisa to talk to Russell about it, and leaves.

Kim goes into the exam room with Paul and he asks her the question we've all been dying to ask - what is she ON?! She says Trazodone (used to treat depression), Topomax (used to treat seizures), and Lexopro (used to treat depression and anxiety). Paul reveals that this particular cocktail is what's making Kim act so loopy. Kim says she's not drinking alcohol at all, and Paul tells her she needs to go back to the Doctor and figure out a new prescription medication combination. He is so right. I'm actually relieved she's not drinking, and that her behavior is really just a result of the medications. Not that that's any better than alcohol abuse, but at least a doctor can fix her prescriptions so she's not so Paula Abdul-esque anymore. Let's hope she takes his advice.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Adrienne are talking about the email from Russell with Kyle. The conversation gets a little bit snippy when Lisa asserts that Taylor and Camille aren't really friends. Kyle defends Taylor and says that Taylor and Camille talk all the time. I don't even know why this is a topic of discussion, but ok, ladies, you've all made your points.

Kyle goes in to check on Kim, but they end up being kind of mean and catty to one another over nothing (again), so Kyle leaves. Kim experiments with lip injections and instantly learns about karma when her lips start to resemble Taylor's (she insulted Taylor's lip injections last season).

Kyle then calls Brandi to invite her to the seance and they have a nice chat, surprisingly. Taylor then comes over, irate that Lisa is apparently telling everyone that Taylor has no friends. According to Taylor, Camille confirmed this. Taylor admits that Lisa intimidates her, and for some reason, Kyle responds that Lisa preys on the weak and doesn't take criticism well. Um, what, now? I'm sorry, but this is a bunch of crap. I'm sure what happened is, Lisa talked to Camille about the conversation at Paul's office and mentioned that she didn't think Camille and Taylor were close friends. Pretty innocent, in my opinion. But of course, Taylor has to turn everything into an attack on her and runs to Kyle for back up. Kyle is stuck in an odd position, since she is friends with both Taylor and Lisa - I just wasn't expecting Kyle to throw Lisa under the bus like that. I really don't think Lisa preys on anyone. I think she says what she means and means what she says. Which is more than you can say for Taylor, am I right?

I did not watch the seance scene because that kind of stuff is just not my cup of tea. Moving on ...

Kyle goes to see Kim and Kim finally confesses that she's had a boyfriend for the last year or so, and that her upcoming move actually entails that she and her boyfriend will be living together. Kyle immediately knows who it is, because Kim took him to an event recently. So, maybe it wasn't such a secret after all? Kyle is not happy about this and thinks Kim is doing this out of convenience and loneliness, not because it's really what she wants. Ok, I have to interject here. Kim is a grown woman who can make her own choices. Granted, her behavior is a little out there, but if she wasn't in her right mind, then the family should take over and care for her and make all of her decisions for her. However, she's not in that particular situation, so I say - date whomever you want. Kim seems lucid in her conversation with Kyle in this scene, and in fact, has appeared to be calm and clear headed multiple times this season. I really believe that with some adjustments in her prescription medication regimen, she'll be fine. I think Kyle should back off at this point, because the more she pushes her opinion down Kim's throat, the worse their relationship will become.

Next week, Kyle meets Kim's boyfriend and the ladies have an intervention for Taylor about her marriage.

On Watch What Happens Live, Lisa Vanderpump and Matthew Broderick visit the clubhouse. This episode was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed Lisa tremendously. I couldn't get through the phone lines to ask a question - I think Bravo is screening my calls - but I did tweet Andy to ask Lisa if she would adopt me. Lisa addressed Russell's accusations in this episode and denied them quite logically - why would she want to make herself and her friend that works at one of the magazines look stupid by leaking stories? She wouldn't. She's way too classy for that. Lisa also said that Kyle has changed and that she was hurt by Kyle's comments about her in this episode, but they are still friends. Andy showed off Lisa's book and I made sure to put it on my Amazon Wishlist! Dana sent in a video of her son speaking Thai, which was kind of cute, but made Dana look desperate for some kind of validation. Sorry, Dana, we don't care about you. But you're kid is adorable. In the poll question of the night, "Is Lisa a troublemaker?", 56% said No, while 44% voted Yes. Andy's Mazel was a Twitter friend who saw Taylor's face in her Slurpee and the Jackhole was Andy himself for saying "Lacalif" instead of "L.A., California". The Aftershow was cute, and Matthew Broderick was a little more entertaining than usual, so if you want to check it out, click here.

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