Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waste of Time

Part 1 of the Basketball Wives Reunion was very disappointing, although there were some good moments. Overall, though, it was a big waste of time. Seriously, I was able to get through the entire thing in less than 30 minutes without the commercials, the recap clips, and the stuff I've already seen on There really wasn't anything new or exciting in this part of the reunion, and unfortunately, it looks like Part 2 is going to be a dud as well. The preview didn't really do anything for me. And! Let's just state facts: Only Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, and Jennifer said more than a few sentences the whole show! This is not the kind of reunion we need! And please get John Salley out of the host's chair. He's not funny and he's not at all charming. I can't stand the way he asks the questions - almost as if he's above the show. (If you're not into the show or don't enjoy it, then don't host the damn reunion!!!) They need to get a real host in there, maybe a female (preferable a comedienne) who can at least relate to each of the ladies. You know what I suggested to Shaunie in my last blog - she shouldn't be on the show anymore and just take over hosting the reunions. But that's just me. And the way they edited the show was really choppy in parts. No bueno, VH1.

So let's address the ladies (the ones who actually spoke):

Kesha: I'm going to commend you on standing your ground about your problems with Tami. I wish we could have heard you speak more. Maybe in Part 2? Kesha's grade for the week: A (based on the little bit that she was allowed to say).

Kenya: I still don't like you. I did appreciate when you said that anyone can achieve their dream no matter how old they are. However, I'm still not convinced you're being real with us (the audience). There is something very artificial about you, and it makes everything you say sound fake. Kenya's grade for the week: C (because she's still acting).

Royce: You barely spoke!!! Please, tell me you let loose on Part 2!!! Royce's grade for the week: N/A (Stupid John Salley just kept telling her not to cry!!! Lame joke, John!!!)

Shaunie: I think your speech about doing better next season was very nice. But that's all it was. You made it sound like things got out of control this season, like the first three seasons of the show weren't at all violent. They were! I'm happy you want to make a change to the show now, but in reality, this change should have come after season 2 when Tami and Evelyn got physical. But, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you when you say you're committed to making this a more positive show. All I ask is that you not be a cast member anymore. That's the last time I'm going to say it. Shaunie's grade for the week: C (because time will tell if her promises are kept or not).

Tami: I really appreciated you apologizing for the way you treated Kesha and for promoting therapy and anger management. I think most people have anger problems and unresolved issues that they need professional help with - they may just not know what to do about them. So, you coming out and saying that therapy and anger management is working for you is a major thing. I truly wish you the best on your journey and I hope that we see the sweet, funny, kind Tami that we know and love next season. Show us you're over the fighting. Can't wait to see if you and Royce patch things up in Part 2. Also, kudos to you for telling Jennifer where to go. The way you spelled it out for her was perfect. Hopefully, she was listening to you. Tami's grade for the week: A (because she owned her mistakes and called it like she sees it).

Suzie: Thank you for not speaking. Suzie's grade for the week: N/A (as it should be).

Evelyn: We've now heard the reasons why you're upset with Jennifer for the 80th time. I think we get it by now. Please don't tell the story anymore. I don't even want you two to be friends after this is all over. I want you to get married and MOVE ON. Anyway, I liked that you got emotional and apologized for the bottle throwing incident. I love that you said it wasn't funny and that you regret doing that. This is what we want to see from you - remorse and recognition for the shady and inappropriate things you've done. And make sure you're not up to the same antics next season. The way you spoke to Jennifer was good, too. You were calm and didn't get out of line that I could see. The lie detector test was a bit much, though. Kind of bordering on ridiculous. Evelyn's grade for the week: B (for taking responsibility for her actions, but a lot of her segments were repetitive as hell. We'd heard all this before.)

Jennifer: Why you had to be sequestered and brought out by security like you're Jackie O is beyond me. You're ego needs a seat of its own in Part 2. You really don't do anything but make excuses for everything you said and did on this season. And you didn't address the fact that you continued to be on the show, so you must not have really feared for your life and/or safety. The questions you were asked were valid questions, but it seemed like you were annoyed to be asked anything. That's what a reunion is for! If you really didn't want to be there, you should have stayed home. Please, do not come back next season. This is no longer your show. Jennifer's grade for the week: D (for acting like she was annoyed by the questions and like she didn't want to be there).

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