Friday, June 29, 2012

Not Really Reality

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to blog about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, but let's jump right into it. Now, I'm starting to feel the same as TheSkorpionShow and MuchLoveFromKY on YouTube (subscribe to both of them!!!), that this show is scripted, or at least semi-scripted. There really is nothing wrong with a semi-scripted show, it just shouldn't be that obvious to the viewers. Someone needs to do something about that. If we can tell it's scripted, that's a problem. Now, we got to know a couple of the other cast members a little bit better on this episode but the majority of it was all Stevie J, Mimi, and Joseline again. I'm sorry, but every episode better not be all about them. This storyline is going to go overboard real quick (if it hasn't already), so we need to make sure all of the cast members have their fair share of the camera time. I don't mind if the whole Stevie/Mimi/Jo story plays out over the whole season, just don't dedicate half of every episode to it. Spend a good 15 to 20 minutes of the episode on it and keep it moving. But let's talk about the episode itself. If you need to get caught up, click here.

K.Michelle wasn't on the episode this week, so no grade for her, but she is in next week's episode.

Arianne: I love your friendship with Mimi and I think you're right to want her to leave him. Unfortunately, it's not your choice to make. But you keep being a good friend to her and support her like you're already doing. And by the way, you are stunning! Gorgeous! Arianne's grade for the week: A (for being a good friend).

Karlie: Oh my God. You were hilarious in that scene with Joseline at the gym. I love how you weren't impressed with her insults. I say, stay on Mimi's side. Joseline isn't the boss. But I am in agreement with Kevin and Makael from The Skorpion Show, why are you so obsessed with working with Stevie J when you're man's father is LA Reid??? You should be working with HIM! Unless he said no to you? Hmm ... anyway, you really need to get yourself out of the middle and start working on your music. Be on Mimi's side but don't be the Suzie of this show. Please. Karlie's grade for the week: B (because she's alright, but she needs to start showing us her talent - and I don't mean her talent for stirring up drama).

Erica: I understand where you're coming from with Lil Scrappy. The truth is, you don't trust him and you do have a wall up. I don't think you two are going to get back together and have a real relationship. It's better if you agree to co-parent and be cool with each other. He obviously doesn't know how to fix the broken trust between you. And you need to let go of that anger so that you can meet someone else and trust them. Hopefully you will find that person who won't let you down. Erica's grade for the week: B (because she has a right to have that wall up, but eventually, she's going to have to break that wall down).

Rasheeda: I like you! You're feisty and fun, and a little crazy - but in a good way. I think you are going to be a fan favorite, for sure. And I love that you're putting your music out there on the show and you're showing us what you're all about. No hesitation, just: here it is! I love it. The fact that you work with your husband is a big part of your storyline, and I think it's going to work out well on the show. We'll get to see the drama, like we did on the set of the video, and we'll get to see the dynamics of your relationship all at the same time. The video shoot was a little messy - you were late and upset - but the point is, this is your career. Nina from Much Love From KY is right: you are the star. So what if you have to be your own stylist? Get it together and do what you have to do. Rasheeda's grade for the week: B (because I like her a lot, but she has to take charge of her career and not let anything slow her down).

Joseline: Where do I start? Well, the pregnancy test scene looked like a movie. I can honestly say, you did look beautiful in that scene. The lighting, the makeup, they made you look great peeing on that home pregnancy test. Now, as for the scene with Stevie J, or should I say Creepy J, ugh. I can't with that. He is the worst. Seriously, we all know it's his. Or at least that's what we've come to believe on the show. You confirmed that you are sleeping with him and that you're not with anyone else. I cannot believe he brought up the fact that you have photo shoots coming up! Really? I'm sorry, but whatever you decide to do, do not continue to see this man romantically. Work with him if you can, but even then, it's just creepy. In all honesty, I think you should run for your life (away from Creepy J) on this one. I do feel sorry for you in a small way, because you are a woman in love/infatuation, and it is a sad situation. But you put yourself there, and now it's time to get yourself out. And here's another bit of advice, don't go around telling people you're the boss and Creepy J will work with whoever you say. Because we all know that's not true. Know your role. You are the jump-off, nothing more. The proof is in that disgusting reaction Creepy J gave you when you told him you're pregnant. Joseline's grade for the week: D (even though I feel sorry for her, she needs to wake up and smell the coffee).

Mimi: Speaking of waking up, Mimi, when did this savvy businesswoman pop up out of nowhere??? Here's my thing, why did it take you 15 years to demand 10% of Creepy J's money? In reality, that should have been happening since day one, since you are his main chick, right? Was that whole contract negotiation scene scripted? Because it felt like it was. Especially with the piano interlude. Barf. I'm serious. The sight of Creepy J turns my stomach. I can't. But, Mimi, I hope you're going to play the role of the serious business partner the whole way through the season and just take that man's money and go on about your business. Hell, you should get a boyfriend! But please do not be all lovey dovey with Creepy J or even entertain his advances towards you. Mimi's grade for the week: C (because I like that she's getting into the business, but it should have been that way already, and I can't stand to see her fall for Creepy J's bulls*t). 

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