Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Finally Over ... Or Is It?

Well, it was a bitter end to this season of Basketball Wives, to say the least. The ladies laid their cards on the table, and it wasn't pretty. At all. I'm actually kind of sad about the way the season ended, especially between Tami and Royce. That was one friendship I really wanted to go the distance. And the whole Evelyn/Jennifer thing just needs to be over. We're all done with that. Shaunie expressed some concerns as to her role on the show and how it reflects on her - and I know we ALL have something to say about that. So let's get started.

Royce: I read your blog, and I truly hope you said all of this at the reunion. I'm sad that Tami decided to end your friendship with her over this. I personally don't think you were chastising her at all. You were simply pointing out that you didn't agree with her behavior. I also didn't see you putting Kesha on a pedestal, you were trying to be fair and impartial in a situation where two of your friends could not get along. You did the best you could. As for your situation with Shaunie that you referenced in the blog, that's really unfortunate. But I'll adress Shaunie later. I really like you, Royce, and I think you've been through a lot this season (not to mention since the season aired), but I think your time on this show is done. You really need to have a show about your dance company, writing, acting, and maybe a little bit of your personal life (not too much). This show just doesn't fit you anymore. You're in a different place and I don't think it's mutually beneficial for you to be on Basketball Wives anymore. I hate that it's come to this, but you'll most definitely land on your feet. Royce's grade for the week: A (because I saw her make the effort to be a good friend, but it just didn't work out).

Kenya: I'm glad you have a friend in Jennifer, because at this point, you're all each other has anymore in the way of friends on this show. I don't know if I want to see you back for another season. If you could be more than Jennifer's wingwoman, maybe. However, it would take a lot for me to really be invested in you on this show. I'm still on the fence about you. I like that you're feisty, but I don't like that you're a bit of an actress and at times, your actions come across as rehearsed. Kenya's grade for the week: C (because she's just ok, not great, and not one of those you can love to hate, either).

Suzie: You played your role as spy, mole, and all-around brown-noser to a T. I give you credit for finding your niche and working it. That's all I have to say about it. Oh, and you would never, ever be a friend of mine. Suzie's grade for the week: F (because she'd actually have to have a personality of her own for me to care).

Tami: I know you said on Twitter that you weren't going to "entertain BS" and that's why you wouldn't comment on Royce's blog this week, you would rather "agree to disagree". You also tweeted that if someone's not helping you, they're hurting you and as such, you'll remove them from your life (paraphrased). Now, while I agree with removing people from your life that aren't good for you, I have to admit that all of this makes me sad. The whole scene where you told the circle that you're done with Royce was very, very sad. I know you don't like people talking about you behind your back. But (reality time), you talked about Kesha and Jennifer and Kenya (and probably others I can't remember right now) behind their backs. I really don't see the difference in Royce talking to Kesha about you or your problems with her. Unfortunately, women talk with each other about each other. That's just the way it is. Not that all of it is negative, but it happens. I truly don't think Royce had bad intentions in all of this and I hope you're able to work things out with her. I do think you should be on the show next season and NOT fight. Not even once. I want to see you go a whole season without fighting. It can be done! Show us the progress you're making! Show us the projects you're working on! Show us the fun Tami that we love! I like you a lot - if you couldn't tell - and I just want people to see that you're not just about fighting all the time. Tami's grade for the week: D (because I think she can turn it around with Royce, she just has to want to save that friendship, and I'm not sure that she does. And that's a shame).

Jennifer: Can I just say how ridiculous that outfit was when you finally came out of your room to talk to Evelyn on the beach? Oh my God. The hat, the glasses, the cover up that didn't cover your hoo-ha, the shiny bikini underneath - all of it. My eyes were assaulted. But enough about the look. The conversation was much worse. Actually, I'm glad it was just a conversation and not another fight. The truth is, whatever you said cut Evelyn so deep and drove her so crazy that she was then willing to air your dirty laundry in front of the cameras. Very dirty laundry. Which I didn't ever need to know about. But, I have to say, you handled it well, because there was no brawl. The conversation ended and you left Tahiti. That's what should have happened. I'm not saying I think you're right. I actually think you're wrong to keep talking about Evelyn and her relationship after she asked you not to. I think you're wrong to go tit for tat with Evelyn and Nia on Twitter. I think if you're so above it all, you shouldn't be talking about any of that stuff. Ever. You should be on to the next topic - whether that's your personal stuff, your business ventures, or future plans. Talk about that stuff. Which leads me to ... you don't need to be on this show anymore either. And it's not because you're out of the circle. It's because you bring nothing to the show except your problems with Evelyn. And now that that's done, you have no real reason to be a part of the cast anymore. Focus on your other projects, and in your words, keep it moving. Jennifer's grade for the week: C (because she didn't make things worse, but she didn't make them better, either).

Evelyn: I can totally understand why you were mad at Jennifer and wanted to clear the air, but to blurt out her business like that on the beach was uncalled for. It really didn't help your case. In any event, you said what you needed to say, and it's over. Hallelujah!!! Now, can we never talk about this again? (After the reunion, of course, I mean.) Seriously, next season, I don't want to hear Jennifer's name come out of your mouth. That ship has sailed. I want to hear about your wedding. That's pretty much it. So, bring that next season, because you need to stay on this show for now. Just make sure you keep your hands to yourself. It's a new day. Evelyn's grade for the week: D (because she didn't need to say ALL of that!)

Shaunie: Here's the deal. You've fought (verbally) on the show before (Gloria, anyone?), so I really don't buy that you're so ashamed of the fighting on the show NOW. You should have been ashamed for a while now. And the fact that you are a producer and a cast member is obviously causing problems. There's no way you can't be thinking about how certain events will play out while you're trying to be a part of a scene with your cast mates. It's just ... a conflict of interest. Now, I could see you doing an Andy Cohen, and being the host of the reunions. That I would totally be ok with. But it does seem odd that you want to be on the show (although your role was diminished over the last two seasons), and still be a part of the creative force that molds the show into what we see every week. I think you need to pick a side: in front of the camera or behind the camera. Not both. I don't think you're a bad person at all, but this show needs an overhaul and it has to start with you. Shaunie's grade for the week: F (because I can't take this whole act about how upset she is about how the show is turning out).

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