Thursday, June 7, 2012


I haven't been blogging about Real Housewives of Orange County lately, because it's either been super boring or super exhausting. But, I figured this week was just juicy enough for me to blog about it and address the entire storyline of the Costa Rica trip in one shot. I couldn't make myself sit and write about Alexis' whining for three weeks in a row. Oy vey. So let's get going!

Alexis: I know it's not easy to have people confront you. And it doesn't help when there's alcohol involved and the main culprit is someone you already had words with not too long ago (Tamra). However, I think you missed the point. (Shocking!) Tamra was basically asking you to be yourself around the group and drop all the pretense. Which is not a mean thing to say. It's actually quite nice - she wants you to be the real you. And I think Gretchen heard that. So, for you to automatically get defensive, while understandable because of Tamra's delivery, didn't do you any good. I think if you would have stopped and thought about it and maybe taken a minute to yourself to absorb what they were saying, you would have realized it wasn't exactly an attack, but a simple plea to get to know the real you. It really wasn't about what kind of bag you brought or your nose job. It's about the way you project yourself to other people. Something about you is coming across as phony, but that may not be who you really are. I think you need to value a friend like Gretchen who was trying to be real with you, not be mad at her for not agreeing with everything you say. I don't think the vacation was worth all the trouble and you probably should have just stayed home. I hope you can do some self-reflection so you don't lose another friend (Gretchen), but I'm afraid you already have. And be careful with Vicki - she likes you today, but it's not guaranteed she'll like you tomorrow. I did like that you stood up to Tamra, though. I think when you spoke up for yourself we got a glimpse of the real you. You just need to harness that spunk and sass and use it to your advantage. Alexis' grade for the week: C (because now I just feel sorry for her).

Gretchen: I think you did your best with Alexis but you knew she wasn't going to take your comments the right way. For her, if you're not totally 100% defending her, you're not a good friend. That's probably why Peggy had enough. I don't want your friendship with Alexis to end the same way, but if Alexis can't be more self-aware, I'm not sure how you're going to avoid that happening. Other than the Alexis fiasco, you had fun on the beach with the girls. Maybe a little too much fun. Is it me, or is the whole undressing each other and bumping booties thing kind of 10 years ago for you? I mean, let's be real, you're not in college anymore and just because there's champagne ... you know what, nevermind. But you know what I'm saying. It wasn't as funny as you and Tamra may have thought at the time. The rafting trip looked like a real adventure and I like that you were in it and took it on like a champ. Gretchen's grade for the week: B (for being a trooper).

Vicki: There's times I wanna hug you and other times I wanna smack you. I think you need professional help for all the mood swings and irrational behavior you're throwing around. I mean, you stayed quiet during Alexis' little intervention, and you were nice to her in her room, in your own way I guess, but the rest of the episode you were up and down. The thing with the trees? And talking about dying? And the Don conversation? All of it just adds up to you not being ok emotionally. And believe it or not, I don't like to see you sad or hurting. So, really, I want you to get some help. Also, don't be in a relationship right now. I don't think that's helping (no matter who it is). You have to get to a place where you're happy by yourself before you be happy with anyone else. I just don't think you're there. Vicki's grade for the week: D (because she has some major issues to work out).

Tamra: You were a little annoying this week, I'm not gonna lie. The whole pants-ing thing was just sad. I can't believe a couple sips of champagne make you spiral into Girls Gone Wild territory. I say, cool it with the booze, maybe? Anyway, the tension between you and Vicki is pretty bad, and I think you should focus on that instead of beating Alexis down with an intervention. I mean, you didn't say anything that wasn't true, but your delivery sucked. Big time. And it didn't really improve the situation. You're lucky Gretchen and Heather softened the blow a little. Your friendship with Vicki is really important to both of you, so I hope that's a priority. She needs a good friend right now. Tamra's grade for the week: D (because she could have said what she needed to say in a much less hurtful way).

Heather: I thought you did great this week. You were really gentle and kind with Alexis, which I appreciated. Even your tone of voice was gentle, and that said a lot to me. You weren't attacking, you were trying to communicate with her. She wasn't really receptive to it, but you tried. I would have been just as annoyed as you were with Gretchen and Tamra's beach antics, so we're on the same page there. You went on the raft and did your best, and I think you did a great job with it. You even looked like you were having fun. Heather's grade for the week: A (because she handled everything with a calm, cool demeanor and I like that).

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