Thursday, June 14, 2012

Worst Reunion Show EVER

I was so disappointed with Part 2 of the Basketball Wives reunion. It was all about Kesha vs. Tami and Evelyn vs. Jennifer AGAIN. Instead of really focusing on the other conflicts/storylines, they merely mentioned them and promptly circled back to old territory that was already covered in Part 1. I am really disappointed in Shaunie for allowing this. It was like a huge commercial begging the audience to watch Season 5. Which brings me to Shaunie's terrible acting at the end of the show, pretending there was any doubt that the show would be back next season. She tried to turn it into this suspenseful moment, when in reality, we all KNEW there would be a Season 5. That's all she's been saying since Season 4 started airing - that NEXT season would be better! Ugh. I am so over this show. I can't believe Basketball Wives' producers thought that this waste of time show would pass as a reunion. I won't even grade the ladies because I believe there was a lot we didn't see. So, I'll just list the things that were WRONG with this reunion:

1. Where does Tami and Royce's friendship stand? That was a MAJOR plot point and we NEED a resolution on that. The fact that Royce is rumored to be fired from the show is irrelevant. I want to know what really went on behind the scenes and whether or not they were able to repair their friendship. (I do want to thank VH1 for showing Royce in the play. She did great from the clips we saw. Congrats, Royce, and if you're not on the show anymore, consider yourself lucky. This is a sinking ship.)

2. John Salley is the worst host ever. We know what polygraph means, thank you very much. You snide, condescending jerk.

3. That stupid lie detector test fiasco was SO unnecessary. I'm all for hugging it out, but the whole thing just looked so awkward and staged. I'm not saying Evelyn and Jennifer weren't genuine - they both looked sincere about what they were feeling, and the hug looked real - but the setup was way too 90's daytime talk show for me. Oy vey.

4. Tami essentially taking back her apology to Kesha. Ugh!!! Tami! It was great when you apologized in Part 1 and then you had to ruin it by giving us some cockamamie explanation for why you were a bully to Kesha in Tahiti. And yes, you WERE a bully. You intimidated her, you called her names, and you threatened her. I don't know what else you would call that. And besides that, the whole purse thing was wrong, wrong, wrong. How you could even sit there and defend that is beyond me. I'm pretty much over you. I really liked you - I was Team Tami. But I can't be on someone's team that still can't admit when they were wrong. You apologized and it was all good, but when it came right down to it, you really only apologized for your "delivery". But you have so much more to take responsibility for! And then, you go back to being defensive! It doesn't make any sense. I'm really disappointed that you didn't own up to everything that happened in Tahiti. If you had, you would have been the comeback kid. This sucks.

5. VH1 really messed up with the format of the show. I wish they would take some lessons from Bravo and Andy Cohen and go DEEP into MOST of the plot points. Not beat a dead horse with some subjects, and gloss over others. At least SOME of the questions need to come from the viewers. We didn't get the kinds of answers we needed at all. It seemed like it was all shaped and molded to fit what the producers want - which is to get us to watch next season. And they need to give everyone equal time. If some cast members aren't going to speak, why have them there???

6. Which brings me to Suzie. You said a total of 2 sentences (I'm guessing) in Part 2. Why were you there? And then you had to lie on top of it all? The one time you speak, you use your time on the show to lie? In the Tahiti episodes, it's CLEAR that you were the one that told Tami what Kesha said because Tami CLEARLY says, 'Don't feel bad for telling me, Suzie' (paraphrasing). I mean, what is your deal? At least you have braces now, which is the only improvement I see in you. Because, frankly, you need to be worrying about the status of your inner beauty, not your appearance.

I'm really disgusted by this show, and I don't think I'll watch next season. It's sad, but true. And to be honest, I probably won't watch Evelyn's spinoff either. I'm feeling like this whole franchise is going downhill fast. I mean, if this season brought boycotts, I'm sure next season will, too. And if Shaunie keeps her promises about no physical altercations, some of the audience who enjoys that type of reality tv won't tune in. Either way, a big portion of the audience will go elsewhere. I, personally, don't think the show is being led in the right direction. And I certainly won't be watching the LA installment. So there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Tweet me!