Thursday, August 16, 2012

White Elephant (and Green Lizard) in the Room

The Real Housewives of New York was a classic bitch-fest if I ever saw one. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it - because I did - but damn, some of these ladies need to get their happy back. And it seems the first step in doing that is to stay away from each other. But we all know that's not going to happen, so bring on St. Barts! By the way, don't you get this terrible flashback from past seasons when you hear the words "St. Barts"? I do. And I'm pretty sure it's going to be a total disaster once again. Now, for the episode at hand ...

Sonja: One question: did you purposely put Heather and her team out or did it just happen by accident. Whether you care to admit it or not, Heather put in work, as well as the rest of her team. It's not so much about you not paying for their services (which is bad enough), it's about you acting like you were entitled to their services, as if you were doing them some kind of favor. In reality, all of that was a favor to you, and you weren't very grateful at the end of it. If you disagreed with their vision, you should have cancelled the entire project at the second meeting. However, you looked great and the pictures were awesome. I'm really disappointed that you allowed yourself to be in the middle of Heather and Ramona again. If you really don't want drama, stop telling Ramona bad things about Heather that she can then throw in her face. You're just as wrong as Ramona is for all of this foolishness. And for the love of all that is holy, I never want to hear about your torrential period ever again. Sonja's grade for the week: D (because she blew it big time).

Carole: I liked your White Elephant party. I thought it was really nice and the game was fun. And of course, I love your commentary throughout the episode via your confessionals/interviews. It's pretty much the only way to make sense out of what's happening half the time. Thank you for being our NY Housewives spirit guide. Oh and that lizard was too cute! Carole's grade for the week: A (for making the most sense consistently since the season began).

Luann: You were a good sport with George, but hearing you dirty talk gives me major dry heaves. Sorry! I don't blame you for being over the whole wine party conversation. We all are. Especially since you and Ramona ALREADY FRIGGIN' TALKED ABOUT IT! Everyone needs to just let it go. And I have no doubt Jacques is French and his accent is real. Luann's grade for the week: C (because even though she's the worst, she wasn't too bad this week).

Ramona: You were so EXTRA this week. And what I mean by that is EXTRA ANNOYING. First of all, why do you care so much about Sonja and Heather's relationship? There was no reason for you to get all fired up about it. Second, it was YOUR party, and you were willing to ruin it by beating this dead horse in front of everyone. You weren't invited to the shoot. Get over it. Then, at the socialite's party (can't remember her name, don't judge me), you pulled a hit and run on Heather. There's a difference between calling someone out and taking a cheap shot and what you did was a cheap shot. Instead of standing there and saying what you wanted to say and hearing Heather out, you bolted, turned, yelled at her, and bolted again. What sense does that make? You reacted so immaturely that yes, it did look a little crazy. Ramona's grade for the week: F (for making a fool out of herself for no reason).

Aviva: I have no idea why you would bring up the wine game incident to Luann after she had already worked it out with Ramona, other than maybe you didn't know that they had spoken? At any rate, you explained how you felt about it and left it at that. The problem is, everyone else didn't. You never said Jacques' accent was fake, Ramona and Mario did. And you didn't agree or go along with that. Then, you heard Heather out and Ramona blew up at her. So, all things considered, I don't blame you for wanting nothing to do with Ramona anymore. Aviva's grade for the week: B (because she brought up a sore subject, but I don't think  her intentions were bad at all).

Heather: I have come out in your defense throughout this entire blog! Who'd have thunk it, right? But you were totally right on this one. Sonja was a nightmare, Ramona was acting crazy, and the entire mess is exhausting. Now, should you refer to Ramona as "your crazy wife" while talking to Mario? Probably not. But hey, we all say things when we're angry. Heather's grade for the week: A (for not backing down, kudos to her).

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