Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Surprises Here

So, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ended with not so much of a bang this week. Of course, we have the Reunion to look forward to, but in all honesty, the season finale was a big yawn for me. Therefore, this blog will be kinda brief!

Karlie: So you're no longer with Benzino. Whoopteydoo. I hope you're not on the show next season, but if you are, I want to see you actually WORKING ON YOUR CAREER. Not just going out on dates and playing house with men. Girl, please. Karlie's grade for this week: F (she was a major FAIL this entire season).

Erica: I loved your conversation with Scrappy. You told him that you just want to be co-parents, which (ahem) I said!! I know, I know, this show was already wrapped when I said that. I'm just saying ... Anyway, I'm glad you're dating other people. Even though the rumor is that you and Scrappy are together (I'm kinda hoping that's not true), I'll believe it when I see it. You're still one of my favorites on the show! You have to come back next season. Erica's grade for the week: A (for staying true to herself).

Rasheeda: Your vow renewal was really beautiful. I wish we could have seen a little bit more of it. I hope you come back next season so we can see the progress that you and Kirk are making, and hopefully see your album come out! That would be awesome. As for the whole K.Michelle mess, you have your opinion, and she has hers. It really isn't worth it to keep going around and around about it. It's a shame this has gotten in between your friendship with her, but in all honesty, you should stay as far away from this subject as possible. You're a likable lady, and I don't want to see you fighting with anyone. We wanna see you working on your music, not arguing over someone's past. Rasheeda's grade for the week: C (because I love her storyline, but I hate that she's fighting with K.Michelle).

Mimi: I'm so glad this season ended with you breaking up with Creepy J, and I hope it's for good. But unfortunately with you, we never know. So, I definitely want to see you on the show next season, but on the condition that you are just co-parenting with Creepy J. Nothing more. I want to see you take your business to the next level, and possibly branch out and expand your business. That would be great. I also want to see you interact with the ladies more and do things with them like vacations, parties, charity events, etc. Mimi's grade for the week: B (for ending it with Creepy J).

K.Michelle: I'm not going to dispute whether you're telling the truth about your past or not. That's not for me to judge or speculate about. However, I think you need to either put the evidence out there and end this debate once and for all, or drop it and leave it in the past. We should be talking about your music and your career, not the past. I want you to come back next season and show us your concerts, promotion, shooting music videos, all the work you're putting into your career. K.Michelle's grade for the week: C (because I want her to focus on her future).

Joseline: Welp, you're an international superstar (really???) but all joking aside, you're living your dream. You're performing, and I can't knock you for being happy about that. I do wish you success in your career, but I want you to get out from under Creepy J's control. No good will come of that. Also, is your music on iTunes for sale? Are you releasing any videos? If Creepy J is going to manage you, the least he can do is put your music out there now that you have some notoriety. Just saying. And believe it or not, I want you to come back next season, just so we can get some more classic Joseline moments. You made the season interesting, to say the least, and you're a funny lady. Just don't fight over Creepy J, that's old news. Joseline's grade for the week: B (for making me laugh, in spite of all the ratchetness).

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