Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hit Him Again ... Hit Him for Me

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was ah-may-zing this week! One of the best episodes of the entire season!!! I am beyond excited for the rest of the season. So let's get right into the episode and chop it up with the ladies.

Erica: You are so much better off without Scrappy, and I'm glad K. Michelle was the one to tell you. I think you're absolutely right about Scrappy. He's going to keep doing what he's doing regardless, because he never changed from the get-go. Leave him alone and let him play with Buckey/Shay - oh, and make sure he pays his child support. I will be so disappointed if you get back together with him after all of this. Oh, and just so it's clear - his behavior is the reason why you were not affectionate with him. How could you open your heart and your arms to him and be all lovey dovey when he's hurt you so much? His behavior caused you to constantly be on the defense. You're essentially always waiting for the other shoe to drop. That's why you couldn't be this affectionate person - he took that from you. Until he realizes that, he's just going to keep hurting every single woman he's with. But that doesn't mean you have to take it anymore. Erica's grade for the week: A (for not flipping out about the Shay stuff, she's too strong for that).

Rasheeda: I'm only gonna speak on this week's episode, because that preview got me heated about you, girl! But anyway, I think it was smart to talk to the girls about the whole Scrappy/Shay situation and sure enough, they were at the mixtape release party together, and K. Michelle was able to see it for herself and tell Erica what she saw with her own eyes. Now, about your management situation, I'm glad Kirk is finally seeing things from your perspective. It is time to think bigger and move forward. I think Deb is the perfect fit for you. I'm not even mad at her for not wanting Kirk in the studio. It's a new chapter and this is the best thing for everyone. By Kirk not being there, it will set up those boundaries that the two of you need to save your marriage. Rasheeda's grade for the week: A (because she's handling everything really well ... this week).

K. Michelle: I love you, girl! I think you're a great friend. One that will tell it like it is, but in the best way possible, until you get heated (which we'll see next week). I'm very happy with the way you talked to Erica about Scrappy/Shay. It was calm and you took her feelings into consideration. You told her what you saw and nothing more (at least from what we saw on the show). K.Michelle's grade for the week: A (for having Erica's back).

Karlie: I'm still unimpressed with you, but I think it's nice that you and Joseline are getting along. Both of you need a friend right now. I'm kind of mad at Benzino for wanting to buy you that ring, though. How long have you two been together? A couple of months? Really??? Karlie's grade for the week: B (for being friends with Joseline and falling ass-backwards into a ring from Benzino).

Mimi: I am so happy for you. That therapy session was everything you predicted and more. Who would have guessed that Creepy J was going to sink his own ship so fast? It was hilarious. Now, listen to me. DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK AGAIN. Just co-parent with him, and leave it at that. I was cracking up when you said in your confessional/interview, "hit him again, hit him for me". Beautiful! And I hope you saw what Creepy J's intentions are - to control both you and Joseline. RUN. Run away from that man as fast as you can, Mimi. He is a nutcase. Mimi's grade for the week: A (for proving her point and being the bigger person, I just hope she doesn't fall for that man again).

Joseline: Now, I understand you've probably never stepped foot in a therapists' office before. But physical altercations during therapy are usually a no-no. But I had to stand up and cheer when you beat the hell out of Creepy J. That was too great. I'm not condoning violence, but that was great, I'm sorry. You really should have known that his intentions were to get back together with Mimi, though. He's never told you (as far as we've seen on the show) that he doesn't want to be with her. And now, you heard it for yourself in his confessional/interview that his plan is to control the both of you. So not cool. I know you're still with him (from the Q & A session I linked on my last LHHA blog), so I'm not even going to tell you to run away. I'm gonna tell you to watch your back. I feel sorry for you because it's almost like you don't even think you deserve to be treated better. And that's the real tragedy. Joseline's grade for the week: F (for fighting at therapy, who does that?! Joseline does that!!)

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