Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spell Check

I have to start with Momma Dee. Really? What little charm you had in the beginning of this season is completely gone now. What is it with these Love and Hip Hop moms not knowing how to spell (Mama Jones' "Phsychotic" and now this????) Momma Dee needs to sit down and be quiet for the remainder of the season. And by the way, encouraging your son to be a player is not cute. Just saying. Let's get to the cast, shall we?

Joseline: You were actually really funny this week. Not that I condone anything you do. Like, not one thing at all. Except rock climbing. I would do that. I must say you turned this whole situation around to where we like you, as much as we hate to admit it. You are charming. You are funny. And you may be talented (I haven't seen/heard enough of you performing to know for sure). That's what makes this so frustrating. You chained yourself to Creepy J once again and you're letting him control your life. But you deserve so much more. I don't think you're an evil person. I think you're lost. And that's just the way Creepy J wants to keep it. Joseline's grade for the week: C (because she made me laugh, plain and simple).

Mimi: All I can say to you is: I hope you mean it when you say you're done. Mimi's grade for the week: N/A (because I want to see what she does next week first).

Rasheeda: I'm so relieved you didn't tell K.Michelle what the previews implied! You were actually just trying to make her see the other side of the story. You weren't accusing her of lying, which is how she probably took it. I think you're torn because you're friends with both sides. From now on, stay out of it. As for keeping your husband as your manager, I admire the sentiment, but this can't end well. Rasheeda's grade for the week: B (for supporting K.Michelle, even though her comments were not received well).

Erica: You were right to confront Scrappy about Shay, and you're even more right to not believe a word he says about that whole situation. I think you're better off as co-parents. It was cool of you to support K.Michelle, but that's no surprise because you've proven yourself to be a good friend on this show since day one. Erica's grade for the week: A (for being a stand up lady, I respect her a lot).

Karlie: I'm over you and your fake storyline. It can't be that hard to break up with someone you've only been seeing for a reality show. Karlie's grade for the week: F (because there's nothing real about her storyline).

K.Michelle: I don't doubt that you're telling the truth about your past. And you're right, you don't need to explain it to anyone. But if you are going to talk about it, be prepared for people to be skeptical or want proof. Whether you do release that proof is on you. But that's your right and your decision. Your story is going to help a lot of girls out there, regardless. K.Michelle's grade for the week: A (because whether you believe her or not, it takes a lot of courage to open up and talk about your past).

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