Thursday, August 16, 2012


This week's Real Housewives of New Jersey was kind of like the calm before the storm. Or should I say, the little tiny storm before the huge scary storm. The upcoming episode features Joe Giudice being an absolute jerk to Teresa (again) and the phone call that is supposedly breaking up their marriage. I don't know how true all of that is, but it's definitely going to be a crazy episode. And for once, I'm not looking forward to the drama. I can't stand the sight of Joe Giudice and the fact that he's talking like that about his wife, WHILE HE'S MIC'D AND HAS A CAMERA POINTED AT HIM is just so infuriating. But, let's get back to this week's episode, where a much more friendly vibe prevailed - for the most part.

I gotta talk about Lauren's outburst. Seriously, part of me sympathized with her, because I've been in that spot before. But on the other hand, she's an adult. Not some poor 14 year old being picked on by her mean brothers. In fact, all three of them (plus Gregg) are way too old for this stuff. It can be funny at times when they're ribbing each other but I've officially had enough. GROW UP! ALL OF YOU!

Caroline: I don't have much to say to you this week. At least you're consistent. You're as over-protective as ever, which I'm not even mad at. You did say some not-so-great things about Lauren, and I have to disagree with you. Lauren was not the only one being a bit of an a**hole. All the "kids" (aka grown ass adults who happen to be your children) were being a**holes. Caroline's grade for the week: C (because love her or hate her, she's consistent).

Kathy: I like that you are so up for anything, canoeing, surfing, whatever. It's this positive attitude and energy (for the most part) that keeps me on Team Kathy. I can't wait for next week, though, because it's going to be interesting to see how you handle Teresa excluding you from her toast at dinner. Will you speak up or let it go? Kathy's grade for the week: B (for having fun on the trip and not instigating anything).

Melissa: You are Drama Queen Number 1, but somehow, I don't think that's an insult in your eyes. I mean, you were in a stream for crying out loud. It sounded like a Freddy Kreuger movie when you fell out of that boat. But it was funny, I'll give you that. I'm wondering if all of that was just for show - I mean, were you really that scared? It came off a little phony to me. I did like how buddy buddy you're being with Teresa this whole time, though. Melissa's grade for the week: C (because she's being sweet to Tre but all that screaming was unnecessary).

Jacqueline: I'm not sure why you burst into tears when you were having your heart to heart with Teresa, but the only thing I can think of is that you were trying to really figure out if she was being sincere or not. And you've been confused by this very thing with her before. At this point, you believe she's sincere and you make up. But we all know it's temporary. I honestly don't know whether to applaud you for forgiving and forgetting on this trip, or chastise you for falling for Teresa's words again. The truth is, Teresa wants you to be her backup, which isn't always a bad thing, but you want a friend who can take criticism. Which, clearly, Teresa can not. So in the end, you two are just not meant to be friends. Jacqueline's grade for this week: N/A (because I'm torn here - she made up with her friend, which is awesome, but it turned out to not even matter in the end).

Teresa: I felt for you when you hurt your ankle. I know that pain and it sucks. As for the rest of the episode, you kind of perplexed me a little bit. It almost seemed like you were annoyed with Jacqueline for getting emotional during your conversation, but then you got emotional as well. The point is, you two don't want the same things from a friendship, period. So, you were right to say that you should go your separate ways. But of course, you two decided to make up instead. I'm not sure what's going to happen next week, but I beg of you to listen to me. I've been saying this for months if not longer. Joe Giudice is your problem. The root of all of the petty bullsh*t emanates from him. Look at my old blogs and tell me I haven't told you this all along. He is the reason you can't move forward. Teresa's grade for the week: N/A (again, I can't even grade her because we know that her friendship with Jacqueline is over).

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