Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Enough with the Wine Already

It took me a few days to finally watch the latest Real Housewives of New Jersey, and my lovely Twitter friends filled me in on a few morsels in the meantime, so I was all excited to see some sparks fly in this last leg of the Napa trip. However, the more I watched, the more sick to my stomach I became. This isn't the show I want to see. This isn't what I signed up for. I mean, RHONJ has always been a hot mess (Danielle, anyone?), but at least there were redeeming moments and some silliness to balance things out. Sunday's episode was a disaster. On all levels. Oh, and by the way, my stupid DVR didn't record Watch What Happens Live (Not So Live - Actually, Taped Interviews To Be Exact) with Caroline and Teresa, but I caught a couple clips online, and it was more of the same. We know how Caroline and Teresa feel about each other. I'm actually glad I didn't waste my time watching the whole thing. I read every single cast member's blog this week, just so I could make sure I considered everyone's point of view before writing this blog. Just so you know. 

Let's just get into the episode and get it over with (sorry, but the enthusiasm I once had for this show is completely gone, thanks to all the negativity. You know what they say, it's contagious).

Teresa: I want you to understand that I get where you're coming from. I would hate it for someone (Caroline) to dismiss me and tell me I'm a liar and that I'm this terrible person. No one would enjoy that. However, you were getting a little erratic towards the end of the conversation. It may have been your anger manifesting itself, which is understandable, but you have to understand, it made you look crazy. It may have been the wine, also. In fact, I think everyone on this show needs to cool it with the wine from now on. Fabellinis too. All alcohol, actually. Because that conversation with Caroline was definitely prolonged because of your Joe (who was intoxicated), Kathy (who was also drinking), and you (with the wine glass in your hand the whole time). I get that you're all in "Wine Country", but Good God, put it down and have a sober conversation for once. Now, as far as the magazine articles, you pretty much admitted to getting paid to put the stories out there and even made a deal that no more negative articles would come out about your family members (as long as no more negative articles came out about you). I think this is where we all need to come clean. If EVERYONE is putting out articles, then NO ONE should be upset about them. If this is the way it is, then it comes with the territory, and everyone should do their own thing. No one should be offended or upset. But, if not everyone is doing this, you have to understand how shady it all sounds. I don't know who else besides you puts out articles and I honestly don't care. All I care about is that you came out and said that you do. And your husband confirmed it. I have no more advice for you. You're on your own. You have pretty much exhausted my advice giving abilities. You're going to do and say what you want and no one (not even me) can convince you that you might want to do things differently. Just think about this. If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting. And can I just say, your squeal when Joe said you were leaving early is one of the most unpleasant sounds I've ever heard. Teresa's grade for the week: N/A (I'm done giving her a grade because Teresa truly believes she is never wrong and she will continue to dig herself deeper and deeper into her own trenches, which is fine for her, but I'm no longer interested or invested).

Caroline: For the life of me, I don't know why you are taking all this Teresa stuff so personally. I am really disappointed to see you go at it with her in this round and round argument. There was no resolution. You two are exactly where you started. So, in essence, that whole blow up was a complete waste of time. I wish you could have just accepted her apology (whether you thought she was sincere or not) and just kept it moving. I say it all the time, there is no getting through to Teresa. So, why even bother asking her point blank questions? Why ask her to tell you what she really thinks of you? Would it really have helped you to hear it from her? No! You wanted her to say it on camera so that you would be vindicated in how you've been acting all season. Not that I blame you. But you have to know that Teresa is never going to admit to any wrongdoing, ESPECIALLY on camera. Again, total waste of time and energy. Can you honestly say you felt better after the confrontation? It may have felt good to blast her and say all the things you've been holding back, but that satisfaction only lasts so long. The hatred you have for her is still eating away at you no matter what. And it's not pretty. Even Lauren got in on it and it wasn't pretty on her either. I'm glad you're drama free now, and part of the reason you are is because you have no contact with Teresa. That should have been your first and only move. Then you wouldn't have had to have any of these uncomfortable moments (Jaime's wedding, the wine tour, your birthday, etc) and you could have just moved on. I don't know how much of what you said about Teresa is true (what you allegedly heard her say), but it really doesn't matter. She's not your problem anymore. Do us all a favor (including yourself) and do not participate in this show anymore. Caroline's grade for the week: F (for even allowing herself to fight with Teresa because it was pointless and stupid). 

Jacqueline: You were smart not to get involved. Period. Jacqueline's grade for the week: A (fake sleep is the new black).

Kathy: I don't think you intentionally instigated the fight between Caroline and Teresa, but you definitely put the bug in Teresa's ear, whether you meant to or not. How many times do I have to say this??? Teresa does not take advice! Teresa will just get defensive! Teresa will not listen to anyone! You should know this better than anyone!!! I do think you had a right to tell her not to touch your face, though. If you don't want to be touched, that's that. And she kept doing it, like that was supposed to make it better??? Kathy's grade for the week: D (for starting this ball rolling, and what a ball it was).

Melissa: You were also smart to not involve yourself. Melissa's grade for the week: A (for keeping her mouth shut). 

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