Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Everyone Loves A Freebie

Last night's Real Housewives of New York really made me appreciate the fact that I'm not a New York socialite ... yet. I mean, think about it. You'd have to do favors for people who won't say thank you, put up with insensitive comments, talk about your prosthetic leg when you don't want to, and listen to some punk band at a Christmas party. Count me out! Now, don't get me wrong, there's a lot about these ladies' lives that I would be more than happy to experience. Just not on camera and not around some of the ladies on this cast. No, thank you. Let's get into the episode and hand out some grades, dammit!

Aviva: Now I see why your friendship with Ramona had to end. You can't say two words (rather, one word: "Harry") without her jumping down your throat. In all honesty, yes, it is a little annoying to always have his name brought up, but to be fair, you were in the place where you married him, so I had no problem with you telling the group and mentioning what a special place it is to you. I loved the scene with your son Harrison creating the character and putting the concept together. That's really cool that he's in on the project and that Harry and his associates are involving him. What better way to find out what the kids are going to respond to? And don't worry about knowing the words to "Jingle Bells". You didn't ask to be up there, you were roped into it and if I were you, I probably would have said no and sat down to watch with everyone else. Aviva's grade for the week: A (this lady is getting points with me all over the place!)

Carole: I think it's great that you're looking for an intern/assistant. I'm kind of surprised you don't already have one. Now, for Indian-Gate. I totally agree with you, the term American Indian is not appropriate for what Luann was trying to say. She has always said American Indian - I think, since season one - and that I know of, no one has ever corrected her. And you didn't even do it in a mean-spirited way, but you did "read" her when you said anyone older than a third grader knows to say Native American. But that was good shade, so I'm not mad at you. Seriously, though, you're absolutely right, the term American Indian does have negative connotations that come with it, and it doesn't matter if Luann is ok with it - she made you and probably others at the table uncomfortable. But I'll deal with Luann later. I'm just glad you said something. Obviously, others aren't as brave. Carole's grade for the week: A (for saying it like she means it).

Heather: You are slowly (SLOWLY) winning me over. I thought you handled Sonja and that whole mess really well, and you made your concerns known. Now, the fact that Sonja wasn't having it is a whole different story. You are bending over backwards for this project and you're not getting paid, which in my book, is one hell of a favor. There should be some kind of compensation coming your way for all this time and energy you're putting in, but let's be real, if you're gonna offer, some people are gonna take advantage. That's just how it is. That'll teach you to help a cast mate out with their business in the future. As for you and Ramona, there is no solution. I say, be polite and don't engage anymore. You've tried to be nicey nice and it didn't work. You've tried to confront her and it didn't work. In the previews for next week, it looks like you've finally had enough. I honestly don't blame you. But I will say this, do not hitch your wagon to Luann. You shouldn't have had her step in at the photo shoot at all. Let her play with the pretty jewelry instead. You don't want to be on Team Luann. Believe me. Heather's grade for the week: B (for STILL helping Sonja even AFTER their conflict).

Sonja: I hate to even say this, but damn, you love yourself a freebie, don't you? I mean, let's be real, everyone does. But to say that you're someone's CLIENT, when you haven't paid them for services, is kind of ridiculous. And not true. You're not a client, you're a friend who asked another friend for a favor, and now it's turning into a nightmare. The truth is, you needed help, and Heather came through. I know you asked Ramona for help, too, but there had to be some reason that she wasn't as involved as Heather was - whether it be that she didn't have time, or that she wasn't interested until she realized Heather was helping you, it really doesn't matter. You essentially were in a business relationship with Heather and her associates and then you bring Ramona in. For what reason, exactly? When you know these two don't get along? Did you think Ramona was going to be anything other than bratty through that entire meeting? Well, if you did, you were wrong. And it made you look bad. Also, for the record, you did point out that you wanted a different "j" in the previous meeting, but then you picked a font that you liked better. So, you and Heather are both right. Now, for Luann's situation. How you didn't laugh in her face is beyond me, but we're gonna move on. I think that whole spiel about Jacques not being 100% in the relationship with Luann was probably more accurate than they both care to admit, but it was not appropriate at that place or time. You should have said all of that at lunch with Luann when you two were alone. But, I understand the wine got the better of you. It just wasn't right to say it there. And what was Jacques going to say? "You're right, I'm leaving"??? Of course not. But I will say, you were hilarious when that band played their "song". Best reaction ever. Sonja's grade for the week: F (and it hurts me to do this to her, but come on. Fail, all the way around).

Luann: First of all, I don't care what you're comfortable calling yourself. American Indian, Native American, so on and so forth. It's not about you. When you talk about scalping and you mock the "Indian" battle cry and you pretty much say that you don't care if you offend anyone else, it's rude and obnoxious. I don't know where you get this idea that because you're YOU, you get to say whatever you want. It's very ... off-putting. About the baby, for the love of all that is sacred, stop talking about it. Make a decision with Jacques and do whatever it is that you both want to do. But, I am sick of you acting like you want other people's advice, when clearly, you're going to do whatever you want in the end anyway. As for the band, you probably should have Googled/YouTubed them to see what their overall sound was like before asking them to play a holiday party. Who does the thinking for you? That's what I want to know. Luann's grade for the week: F (because I'm tired of her ego).

Ramona: Shout out to Mario! Good for him, he had something to say, and he said it. Now, let's never mention the damn wine game ever again. But I did like how you were over it and didn't want to rehash the whole thing. I don't think you should have been at Sonja's meeting with Heather because you weren't in on this project from the beginning. You weren't privy to the other conversations that they'd had, and therefore, were of no use whatsoever at that meeting. And, you were a total brat. I don't even know why you would agree to go to the meeting, if not to just derail the whole process. At Luann's holiday party, I totally appreciated your reaction to the band, as well. Classic! Ramona's grade for the week: D (for wanting to move past certain things, but not others).

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