Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Same Old Same Old

The first part of the Mob Wives Reunion was very entertaining. I loved the fact that we saw Jennifer Graziano, Renee's sister, who is an executive producer on the show, and that she weighed in on some really important storylines from this season. I don't know about Joy Behar as host, though. She isn't hip enough, in my opinion, and kept asking stupid questions like, "What does 'get out of my face' mean?" Come on, Joy, at least pretend to understand how these women talk to each other. And besides, you don't even have to focus on that. All you have to do is present the topics and keep the show moving along. Someone get Andy Cohen in there, now.

Let's talk about the ladies and their performance on the show this week.

Big Ang: Thank you again for being the ray of sunshine on this show, and for being honest with everyone. For example, Drita said you were the one that initiated the meeting between Drita and Karen at Renee's party, and you admitted to it. And we all saw it. So, no problem there. I love your quotes and your catchphrases. You really are a treasure. I just hope you can have more of an influence on the other ladies so they can cut down on the drama a little bit. But not all of it. A little drama is good. Big Ang's grade for the week: A (because I love her).

Carla: I was so surprised that you and Karen and Ramona got into it. I really wasn't expecting that. But I think you held your ground. I have no idea if the allegations against you are true or not, but either way you didn't let the cousins intimidate you, and I respect that. Carla's grade for the week: B (because she stood up for herself).

Renee: You revealed a lot more about Junior's betrayal and let us know that your dad is ok. I was really happy to see you looking so happy and rejuvenated after all the trauma you went through this season. Watching you talk about Junior, you were very matter-of-fact with it, and I could see how strong you are now compared to what we saw during the season. So, I just want to say that I'm so happy for you. I love that you know yourself and that you accept the fact that you're over the top. You own it. That's why we love you. Renee's grade for the week: A (because she owns everything she says and does).

Karen: I appreciated how calm and civil you were with Drita on this first part of the reunion. I don't know what we're going to see in part two, but as of right now, you explained your side in a very grown up way. I totally love that. I think we all were relieved that you and Drita were able to iron out some of the details of what happened this season without getting into a fight. Unfortunately, you did get into it with Carla, like I said earlier. It really did shock me, because it seemed to come out of nowhere. We need some clarification on all of that! Karen's grade for the week: B (because she kept her cool with Drita and the exchange with Carla wasn't that terrible).

Drita: I could see the progress you've made during the conversation with Karen. You two actually communicated. It was great. I give you so much credit for that. But, it all fell apart when Ramona spoke. I know that you can't stand the sight of her, but I'm begging you not to let her get a rise out of you. That's exactly what she wants. I know it's easier said than done, though. Anyway, you did great until you and Ramona's incident, which we'll see more of on part two. Please, don't hit her. Drita's grade for the week: C (because she was awesome right up until the fight with Ramona).

Ramona: Here's the thing. You may have gone over to Drita and Karen to tell them to stop fighting, but you ended up screaming at Drita that she was talking about you for the last two years. That's when things changed. Now, at the reunion, everything is going relatively well (for this group) and you go at Drita again, over something stupid, I might add. Then, when things get heated, you scream the exact same thing again (she talked about you). Ok, Ramona, we get it. Do you really want to be this girl? Stop. Please, stop. You look crazy when you finally get a rise out of Drita and that evil smile creeps across your face. Ramona's grade for the week: D (because I'm sick of her causing problems and then celebrating it).

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