Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Back ... Back to Let You Have It

I'm back, kids! I needed a short break just to make sure I was doing this blog for the right reasons. I do feel a certain obligation to blog on each episode of every single show I watch, but there were times where it was a bit of a chore instead of a joy.

Now, I'm committed to only blogging when the inspiration is there, and hopefully, that will eliminate the blogs that some had a problem with - specifically, the ones saying that there was no "meat" to them. In all honesty, this blog is an escape for me. A hobby, a place where I can say anything, and connect with people who love pop culture as much as I do. It's not my job. I have a very demanding schedule and a lot going on, just like everyone else. It's not an excuse for sub-par or thrown-together blogs, so I apologize to anyone who thought I didn't care enough to put any "meat" in them. Just know that my intentions were good, and they still are.

I'm just going to blog about the shows and events that I have strong opinions about. There's no sense blogging about something that isn't a passion of mine. So, there you have it.

Now, excuse me while I let these children have it!

(Title of blog comes from the song Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous by RuPaul. Click here to buy from Itunes).