Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well, I hadn't blogged about Mob Wives for the last couple of weeks, because frankly, it was practically the same stuff over and over, and there was really nothing to say. I decided to blog about the finale, but without the grades. I really don't feel it's necessary to grade the ladies based on the season finale. The entire tone was pretty positive and there were only a few moments of tension, which were ultimately resolved, with the exception of Drita and Ramona's bad blood. I'll give my thoughts on the bigger storylines and talk about how the season wrapped up. I am super excited to see the reunion because Drita and Ramona will finally have it out.

First, let's talk about Renee. She's officially not in mourning anymore, and she seems stronger and happier than ever on the finale. I don't believe in the whole burning sage bit, but hey, whatever makes you feel better, Renee. I agree with AJ, though (it's bullsh*t). I'm just happy to see Renee smile and laugh again. We went through a lot with her this season. From the botched surgery to Junior to her father to her own mental breakdown. We were there during her lowest points - but she got through it. And there's something really inspiring about that.

Now, for the Drita and Karen sit down. All in all, I think it went well because both ladies wanted it to. If either one wanted to get crazy, it would have been a disaster. I believe it when they both said they were tired from all the fighting. I can just imagine. It has to be exhausting to engage in the hating and the gossiping and the physical altercations and just the negativity in general. I don't know how long the truce will last, although I commend both Drita and Karen for agreeing that a truce is the best option. Really, it always has been, but outside people, for their own reasons, kept fanning the flames. So, when it was just the two of them, they were able to work it out. And also, enough time had passed. Time really does help. I honestly think it was the perfect time and place for them to come together. Hopefully, these two will honor their word and not start any drama between now and next season, which brings me to my next topic ...

Ramona. Since this season started, I could see that she didn't want Karen and Drita to make up. Why? Because being Karen's sidekick against Drita is her only position on the show. And if that's gone, she may be gone, too. I'm not saying it's right or correct, I'm just saying that's how she's coming across. Ramona has done nothing but make matters worse between Drita and Karen, and I have to say, it's totally unnecessary. When Ramona is giving us her personal story, and not getting into other people's business, she's totally cool as far as I'm concerned. But, when she gets in Karen's ear about Drita, I can't stand her. So we shall see how she justifies that at the reunion.

Don't get me wrong, Drita doesn't need to be fighting or even acknowledging Ramona, so the fact that she participates in it doesn't sit well with me, either. But Ramona definitely could have picked a classier way to deal with her issues with Drita all season long. In my opinion, she messed up with this particular aspect of the show from the start, and she seems hell bent on carrying it through to the end. Unfortunately, considering the fact that Karen has made peace with Drita, it makes Ramona look a little out of the loop. Didn't she get the memo that they're all done with the drama?

By the way, Big Ang prevailed like I knew she would. She had all the 'Wives to a "dinnah pawtee" and no one fought or acted the fool. And all of those kids are absolutely adorable and gorgeous. Beautiful.

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